Bachelor's Project (BAMMC)

The purpose of the Bachelor's project is to give students an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to independently formulate a problem statement within a given topic, select relevant literature, apply methodologies, collect and process data, make critical assessments, conduct analyses and conclude on the question raised in the problem statement.

On these pages, you will find relevant information, links and dates regarding the Bachelor's project in the sixth semester for bachelor students in Marketing and Management Communication.

Information about the Bachelor's Project

Information about the Bachelor's Project on Blackboard

After you have signed up for the Bachelor’s Project a group will be established on Blackboard for all students who have registered for the Bachelor’s Project. Here, you will find further information about the Bachelor’s Project such as invitations to group meetings arranged by the teaching group etc.

As a prelude to the Bachelor’s Project, AU Library will arrange an introduction to Academic Research. You will receive an invitation via Blackboard.

Course and exam description

Course and exam description for the BA MMC Bachelor’s Project can be found in the AU Course Catalogue.

Formal requirements and Plagiarism
Please be aware, that there are formal requirements concerning academic papers such as the Bachelor’s Project. If you do not live up to these requirements it might affect your grade and in worst case scenarios your Project might be disqualified or even reported for plagiarism. Do yourself the favor to read the following:

Subject guides from AU Library

A subject guide is a website with links to general but also specialized sources that relate to your field of study - recommended by AU Library. AU Library (Aarhus BSS) has created a subject guide to Business Communication:

If you need help searching for literature and information for your Bachelor’s Project, please feel free to book a librarian.

Cooperation with external organisations

Confidential Theses

Registration and submitting the Bachelor's Project

Registration for the Bachelor's Project

To hand in your Bachelor’s Project on May 1st, you must register the subject and the working title of the thesis before 1st of December. Remember to state your AU-email.

The registration must be done online by:

  • Registration form for the Bachelor's project (BAMMC)

Once you have completed the form, you will be asked to confirm your information. You will receive a receipt by e-mail once your registration has been submitted correctly. 

The appointment of supervisors is announced by January 15. Supervision is available from the start of the semester (February 1). You are responsible to arrange meetings between you and the supervisor throughout the Bachelor’s process. The approval of your problem statement is agreed with your supervisor.


Submitting your Bachelor's Project

The Bachelor’s Project must be uploaded in WISEflow 1st of May at 12:00 at the latest. It is always your own responsibility that the upload happens in time. 

For projects prepared in a group you only have to hand in one report. Furthermore, the project must be uploaded to Theses@bss which is the AU Library, Aarhus BSS’ e-archive for digital Bachelor’s Projects and Master Theses.

NB! If May 1st falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, the submission of your Bachelor’s Project will be the first working day to come. 

Grades for Bachelor's Project will be released no later than six weeks after the date of handing in at the latest.


If you do not pass or are absent from your first examination attempt on May 1st (the ordinary examination), you can register for the re-examination (2nd exam attempt) by July 1st at the latest by sending an e-mail to

In the event of re-examination, you can base the re-examination bachelor’s project on the project handed-in for the ordinary exam. You can continue to work with the topic and empirical material collected for the ordinary Bachelor’s Project, however, the problem statement must be revised compared to the original problem statement.

The Bachelor’s Project must be uploaded in WISEflow and to Theses@bss no later than September 1st. If September 1st falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, the submission of your Bachelor’s Projectwill be the first working day to come.  

If you do not pass or are absent from your 2nd exam attempt, a new topic must be chosen and approved by the supervisor and the new Bachelor’s Project must be handed in 1st of May according to the information on the first attempt.

You are always welcome to contact the Student Counsellor’s Office, if you have any questions regarding your Bachelor’s Project.