Inspiration for your job search

On these pages you find inspiration and advise for your job search regarding everything from finding out what you want and are capable of to how you approach companies. 

Identification of competences

It is the minority of university graduates who knows specifically what they are capable of and what they want at the graduation point. A way to get a better idea of it is to identify your competences. Specifically you can discover:

  • What you are capable of.
  • How you do that.
  • Where you can use it.
  • What you want to do.             

This way you can organise and form an idea of your competences and use them in your CV and application in connection to job interviews, or in presentations of yourself at company visits. 

See 'Identification of competences' in the menu to form a general view of what defines competences and how to organise them.


The art of writing applications is a genre not like others. The most important to emphasize and remember is that the CV points backwards and shows your competences and experience, while the application points forward bringing relevant competences in connection with the job, that you are applying for. Therefore, the application should not be a summary of your CV. Also, try to keep it on 1 page.

Visit 'The application' in the menu to see more specific advise for your application.


It is essential to have a good CV when you are searching for a job. It is most likely what your potential employer is reading first. If an employer receives between 80 and 200 applications (or more), there is not much time to familiarize with you and your profile. Often they only spend 30 - 45 seconds on browsing through a CV. There you should strive to have a CV with overview, relevance, structure and priorities. Also, remember an accurate photo and try to keep the CV on 2-3 pages (unless more is considerable).

Find more advice for your CV at 'The CV' in the menu.

The unsolicited application

Even though a lot of job openings are posted, there is still good reason to check out the unsolicited job market.

Read more about the benefits of applying unsolicited and how to get started at 'The unsolicited application' in the menu.

Using LinkedIn and your network

LinkedIn has become a vital media in regards to job searching and recruitment. In Denmark more than 2 million people has signed up. However, many tend to make the profile without really knowing what to use it for. LinkedIn is a great tool when you are searching for a job due to personal branding and visibility, using your network and relations, and for being spotted and recruited by employers. 

Read more about how to use LinkedIn at 'Using LinkedIn and your network' in the menu.

Headstart - Find a job in Central Denmark

Headstart is a joint initiative by Business Region Aarhus, Business Region MidtVest and Copenhagen Capacity aimed to attract and retain highly qualified international professionals. The programme aims to make it easier for you as an international student/graduate to find a job in Central Denmark.

Read more and sign up for the programme and newsletter here:

Find activities and sign up for individual events here:

Career Talent Programme for Computer Engineering and Computer Science students

Do you want to explore your career possibilities of starting a career in Denmark after graduation. Or maybe you would like to find a student’s job within your academic area? Then join the Talent programme organized by DestinationAARhus. They host career events and connect you to their member companies. They also host social network event with co students or ambassadors.

Please note, the Career Talent Programme is only for Computer Engineering and Computer Science students.

Find more information here: