While abroad

Even if you are not physically studying at AU, there are things you need to remember in relation to your degree programme in Denmark. This is described below.

Emergency situations

In the event of an emergency, as a Dane in a foreign country you can get help from the Danish embassy or the Danish consulate in your host country. Also, you are always welcome to contact one of the AU employees who advised you in connection with your studies abroad.

Your host university can also offer various types of assistance if you find yourself in a difficult situation. In connection with the introductory meetings held around the beginning of the semester, you will usually receive information about the assistance and guidance available from the host university.

Check emails often!

You may receive important messages from AU or from public authorities which you must deal with even if you are abroad.

Registering for courses and exams at AU

Remember to keep an eye on your registrations for courses and exams in Denmark, while you are away. You do this in the Self-service system.

AU ambassador

When going on an exchange to one of AU's partner universities, you are regarded as an AU representative. It is therefore very important for the future collaboration between AU and your host university that you conduct yourself as a good representative for both AU and for Denmark.

It is important that you participate in the study fairs which are held at your host university for the purpose of inspiring local students to spend some time studying abroad. For example, you can offer to help man a stand, where you can talk about what it is like to be a student at AU and in Denmark. You can also offer to do a presentation about AU for interested students.


As part of your exchange, you must complete an evaluation in MoveOn. You will receive more information by email. If you have received an Erasmus+ grant in connection with your exchange, you will also be required to submit a specific Erasmus+ evaluation report.