Aarhus BSS Student Services - Economics

What type of help do Aarhus BSS Student Services offer?


At Aarhus BSS Student Services, we offer guidance and advice on any practical and administrative questions you might have in relation to your degree programme.

We can help you with:

  • Transcripts of grades
  • Verification of degree programme
  • Confirmation of enrolment
  • Questions on course and exam registrations
  • Submission of applications for dispensation and examination appeals
  • How to use the study portals and the Stads self-service system
  • Help when you do not know how to contact the the Aarhus BSS student administration

If you have any questions regarding your specific study programme, please contact the student counsellors on your degree programme. You can find their contact information under > Counselling.    

If you have questions of a more specific nature to employees in AU Studies, BSS, who handles your study programme, you can find their contact information in the below table.

Economics and Business




Board of studies support

Merete Lund Tranberg


871 65227

Exemptions, credit transfer and preliminary approval

Sofie Veje


9350 8177  
Exemptions, credit transfer and preliminary approval Cecilie Ulfkjær  
871 52168

Examination complaints

Cecilie Ulfkjær


871 52168

Student counselling

Student counsellor


871 65268

Study- and wellfare counsellor

Niki Rasmussen


2338 2086

Study administration (bachelor)

Bolette Bligaard bachelor.bss@au.dk 

8716 2776

Study administration (master)

Runa Kortsen


871 52375

Study administrator (BSc. in Economics & Management)

Sidse Nielsen


871 66067  
Study administrator (MSc. in Economics & Management)   Annia Hoffmeyer