How to avoid courses with overlapping lectures - autumn 2016

Please pay attention to the new timetable principles regarding elective courses

Dear students

Between 1 - 10 May 2016 you must register for courses you wish to take in the autumn 2016 semester. Please note that you have to register for 30 ECTS each semester.

Please make sure to pay attention to the principles used for the time tables to avoid overlapping courses:

Elective courses, Master's level
Elective courses at Master's level are scheduled to overlap in pairs implying that it is only advisable to take one course from each course pair.

Elective courses, Bachelor's level
Elective courses at Bachelor's level do not overlap.

You may find a link to the course pairs at the top of this webpage: Elective courses

If you have questions or are in doubt about your choice of courses, please contact the student counsellors.

Best regards

The board of studies

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