New academic regulations from September 2017

Students who commence on the Master's study programme in Economics and Management from September 2017 will be enrolled on new academic regulations.

The board of studies for Economics and Management have passed new academic regulations for the Master's degree programme in Economics and Management. The new academic regulations apply for studens enrolled from September 2017.

Compared to the current academic regulations, the most important change is the addition of a new specialization 'Public policy'. The new speicalization is foremost aimed at students with a bachelor degree in Public Policy, but bachelors with a degree in Ecnomics and Management can also be enrolled.

There will also be smaller adjustments in the regulations for the specializations in Management, Economics, and if you have no specialization. 

Specializations from September 2017:

  • Quantitative economics (separate intake)
  • Management
  • Economics
  • Economics and management
  • Public policy

The final academic regulations will be published at this website in the spring semester.

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