hit by fire – important student e-mails to be moved by Monday

As of Monday 22 October, all the old student e-mails in the system will be inaccessible while AU IT migrates them to a new server. A fire that broke out in connection with renovations in building 1445 has affected the server containing the students’ mailboxes. The mailboxes can send and receive new e-mails and redirect them as usual.

2012.10.19 | Camilla Ransborg Kirkegaard

A fire in building 1445 has caused soot damage to the server that until now has contained student e-mails ending in AU IT has therefore decided to move all the student e-mail addresses to a new system.

If you have important e-mails in your inbox, you should therefore take back-up copies as soon as possible and no later than Sunday 21 October.

The change of server only affects student e-mails ending in – all other e-mail systems for students and employees are unaffected.

To begin with, AU IT is moving information about logins, passwords and redirection to another e-mail address. This means that if you redirect your address by today, the system will work as usual. When you log in, however, the user interface will look slightly different. The next stage is to migrate all the old e-mails to the new system, which will take place during the next ten days. During this period, you will not be able to access old e-mails, but you will nevertheless be able to send and receive new e-mails.

If you experience any technical problems in connection with the migration, you can contact your local AU IT support centre.

If the migration causes any study-related problems, you can contact the main or local student counselling service. The fire in building 1445 broke out when workmen were carrying out renovations on Wednesday 17 October. Read more about the fire.

You can keep up with the migration of e-mails at operating status and