Remember to accept your offer of admission for your Master’s degree programme

All students, who have applied for their master’s programme are receiving response to their application in these days - remember to accept your admission offer.

All students, who have applied for their master’s programme  receive a response to their application no later than 15 June. It is very important, that you remember to accept an admission offer no later than 22 June 2017. Should you fail to confirm/accept your admission offer, it may entail that you will be unable to commence your master’s degree programme this autumn semester.

To confirm your admission offer, you must log on to the application system, as you did when you first applied for admission.

If you are continuing directly from your bachelor’s degree programme to your master’s degree programme and wish to receive SU during the summer holidays, please notice, that the application deadline is 15 June 2017. Find more information about SU on the SU website.

Should you have any questions to the above mentioned, you’re welcome to contact the Information and Guidance Office, Please include your unique application number in your inquiry. You can find your application number in application system.

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