Remember to register for elective courses

The registration facility for elective courses in the spring 2017 semester is open from 1 - 7 November

2016.10.27 | Marie Louise Bro Pold

Dear Students

Remember to register for elective courses in the spring semester 2017.

Please note the following before you register for courses via (the student self-service facility).

  • Registration period: 1 – 7 November 2016

Registrations for courses are binding
From 1 September 2016 all registrations for courses are binding. This means that you cannot deregister from courses you have signed up for. Also, you cannot change an elective course afterwards, unless you receive an exemption from the board of studies.

Courses in August (Master’s degree programme)
The registration period for courses in August is from 1 – 7 March 2017 via (the student self-service facility).

Temporary admission at a Master’s degree programme
Students who have a temporary admission to the Master’s degree progrmme cannot register for elective courses, if you already have taken a full semester. In this case, send an email to Runa H. Kortsen,, who can help you register for elective courses in the spring semester.

Remember your student email
Remember to open you student email on a regular basis, both during and after the registration period, as we will send you an email, if there are changes or problems with your registrations. If a course is cancelled, we will also send you an email.

If you have questions to the above, please contact:



Best regards

Aarhus BSS Study Service