Sorry about the mess - we are translating your study portal into Danish

To improve the user experience for students of Economics and Management (oecon) and Business Administration (soc), we are currently making a Danish version of your study portal.

2016.04.11 | Camilla Ransborg Kirkegaard

The Danish version is not yet fully implemented on the study portal. Most of the texts are still in English, but they will be translated into Danish on an ongoing basis. By the start of the new semester in September 2016, all parts of the study portal will be in both Danish and English.

You can still access the front page of your study portal via, but you might find that links to sub pages which you have saved no longer work, as the study portal has moved to the domain

If you have any questions about the new structure or if you need help finding specific information, you are always welcome to contact student counsellor Marie Louise Bro Pold (


Other shortcuts to the front page of your study portal: