Topics to be submitted in paper form on May 15 2016

Please note the submission date!

2016.04.19 | Marie Louise Bro Pold

As the deadline for submission, May 15 2016, is a public holiday, the topics assignments must be submitted at the next working day, which is Tuesday, May 17.

Topic assignments must be submitted in BSS Student Service between 10.00 - 14.00, building 1443, room 021:

Please note, this applies only to written assignments that must be submitted in paper form.

All other assignments are to be submitted electronically via WISEflow on the specified date regardless  whether it is a public holiday or not.

Furthermore, per June 1, 2016, all written assignments must be submitted via WISEflow, and therefore, always on the specified date.


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Aarhus BSS Study Service