Exam schedules

The exam plans for winter 2019/2020 will be published 31 October 2019

Concerning written exams

Concerning take home and written on-site exams. Remember to bring your student identification card and be on campus in proper time before your exam starts - at least 15 minutes before.

If your exam takes place in multiple rooms you will find a bulletin in the front hall at Fuglesangs Allé (A-building 2620) on the day of the examination that tells you which specific room you are in.

Next to the exam activities you will an exam code that tells you what type of written exam you are attending. Here below you will find a list that explains the different types.

  • WHAI: WISEflow Take home exam with all aids, PC and Internet
  • WOAI: WISEflow On-site exam with all aids, PC and Internet (on-site)
  • WOMC: On-site multiple choice exam WITHOUT aids, but with PC (FLOWlock) (on-site) 
  • WOA: WISEflow On-site exam with aids and PC, but WITHOUT Internet (on-site)
  • WO: WISEflow On-site exam WITHOUT aids, but with PC (FLOWlock) (on-site)
  • ON: On-site exam WITHOUT PC (on paper) (on-site)

WISEflow and IT-support

Remember to contact IT-support in proper time before your exam if you are in need of assistance. IT-support can be reached on e-mail bss.it@au.dk or by phone on +45 87 15 09 33.

General information on WISEflow-exams: Click here

WISEflow exams

  • Are you able to connect to the wireless network Eduroam?
  • Is your operating system on your computer updated?
  • Do you have a browser installed and updated on your computer? Firefox or Chrome is recommended.
  • Are you able to make a PDF file from Word and/or Excel for submission in FLOWassign?
  • Have you tested your test flows and submitted a test file?

FLOWlock exams

  • Is the newest version of the FLOWlock browser installed on your computer?
  • Is Flash installed and updated?
  • Do you have access to the flow connected to your exam approximately one week prior the exam?
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