Exemption requests - special needs at exams

If you suffer from a physical or mental functional disability, you may apply to your Board of Studies for permission to participate in exams on special conditions. You may for instance apply for extra time or for permission to use assistive technology for an exam.

The purpose of allowing special exam conditions is to place students with functional disabilities on equal footing with other students in the exam situation. Special exam conditions do not imply that the level of the exam is changed.

Who can apply?

You can apply for special exam conditions, if you have a functional impairment that has a significant impact on the conduct of your exam.
This could be:

  • Dyslexia
  • Attention disorder
  • A physical disorder.

You can also apply for special conditions at the exam, if you have a native language other than Danish.

Please note that there may be different practices for awarding special conditions for exams within the different board of studies.

You can contact the student counseller’s office for your degree programme if you would like more information about the practice in your board of studies.

You cannot be granted special conditions at the exam if you are affected by a common transient illness such as e.g. influenza. If you are ill, you must report in sick. You can read more about this in the section on illness at exams.

Requirements for documentation

In order to be granted special conditions at the exam, you must be able to document that your functional impairment has a significant impact on your ability to take the exam on equal terms with your fellow students.

If you have dyslexia and a need for extra time or compensatory IT aids, you can document your needs with a statement from The Special Education Support (SPS) Department, a dyslexics test or the like.

If you have a physical or mental impairment, medical documentation must be available.

It is important that the following is stated in the documentation:

  • What is your diagnosis or symptom patterns?
  • How are you affected by your diagnosis or symptoms in connection with the exam?
  • What is the prognosis for your diagnosis or symptom patterns? Are you expected to improve, and if so, when, or are your symptom patterns permanent? 

It is important to emphasise that documentation is a prerequisite, but not a guarantee that an application for special exam conditions is granted.

In connection with the processing of an application, the Board of Studies will always make a specific, individual assessment of whether the special conditions for the exam are necessary in order to put you on equal footing with your fellow students, and/or whether there are other special conditions than those applied for which the Board of Studies deems relevant. In addition, the Board of Studies will always consider whether the special exam conditions can be granted without them changing the exam level.

How to apply?

You apply by logging in to mystudies.au.dk.

  • Find "Self-service systems"
  • Click on "Submit an application to your board of studies"
  • Find "Exemption from the rules in your academic regulations" and click "Apply for exemption" and fill in the application form    

Permanent functional impairment

If you have documented a permanent functional impairment, you only have to apply once for special conditions from the autumn 2021. Once you have applied once, the Board of Studies will automatically take the initiative to grant you special conditions for the exam prior to each exam term. 

Functional impairment of transient character

If you have a functional impairment of a more transient character, e.g. discomfort after a concussion or a broken arm, you will as a rule not automatically be assigned special conditions for the exam each semester. Here, you must apply for special conditions before each exam term if your need spans several exam terms. You must attach current documentation, and you must make sure to apply well in advance of the exam. Otherwise, you risk that your application cannot be processed before the exam date. 

Applying again

It will be stated in the Board of Studies ' decision whether you need to apply again, or whether the initiative will come from the Board of Studies in the future or for a defined period. Therefore, please read your decision carefully and contact the student counsellor’s office if you are in doubt.

General practice for the Board of Studies For Economics

The Board of Studies for Economics usually allocates 25% extra time for all written on-site exams in the case of documented physical or mental impairment, which can justify this. 

However, written on-site exams within the field of econometrics are excepted from this rule, as students suffering from dyslexia are only granted 10% extra time for these exams.

The Board of studies does not allocate extra time for take-home assignments of a longer duration. The Board of Studies is of the opinion that long-term exams make it possible for the student to structure their time and plan the work on the assignment, taking into account their functional impairment, including, for example, reduced work pace and individual needs for breaks.

Exceptions to the general practice are courses offered by the Department of Political Science. Please refer to their Board of Studies for Political Science to learn the practice for special exam conditions for these courses.