URKUND - system for plagiarism detection

As a student at Aarhus BSS, your assignments and exams are screened in the plagiarism control system Urkund. The system is an integrated part of the digital exam system Wiseflow (bss.au.dk/digitaleksamen).

Urkund screens assignments against published material and former assignments that have been screened in Urkund (including assignments from the same exam) as well as material from the internet.

The result of the Urkund screening will be available to your lecturer/examiner and co-examiner for the exam in question.

Avoid plagiarism
AU Library has gathered a number of resources which will guide you on how to use quotations and handle references in your academic work and written assignments.

On this page you can find links to tutorials and quizzes as well as links and videos which tell you a lot more about the topic: http://library.au.dk/studerende/plagiering/

Before you write an assignment or take an exam, we also recommend that you read the leaflet “Avoid pitfalls at exams:  A guide for students on how to avoid cheating at exams” (developed by Educational Law at Aarhus University): http://www.e-pages.dk/aarhusuniversitet/1208/html5/