Preparing for class

You should be well-prepared for your classes – but how do you do that?

There is not just one correct way to prepare for class. It depends entirely on the nature of your course and who you are as a person. What is important is that you continuously ask yourself: “What would strengthen my learning process?” and then organise your preparation with that in mind.

On this website, we have gathered a lot of inspiration for you. Have a look around at the advice and the videos. The most important thing is that you try out different things in order to find out what works for you.

"You are at university for you. That is a very, very important thing to remember; that you have to plan for your best possible learning. I can't tell you what the best strategy for learning is - it depends on the student. You have to work to understand yourself and find out which process enables you to learn best", Jakob Sherson, Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics.

How do you read effectively?

In addition to study strategies, it is also important to look into your study habits.

Where is the best place for you to study? At home or in a reading room? At the library?

Test yourself:

Go to the reading room to study, set a timer, and when you’re no longer concentrated on what you’re reading, take a look at the timer. Has it been 10 minutes? 15 minutes?

Try the same exercise in different places and see where you’re able to concentrate the best.

The same exercise can be used when determining the best time for you to study. In the morning? In the evening?

Test your reading speed

A lot of students think their reading speed is too slow and dream about reading faster so they will be able to read everything. 

It may be a good idea to test your reading speed. Read more about reading speed and tests here.

How do you stay motivated?

In order to remember what you’re reading, it’s important to find your motivation. We’ve listed a number of phrases below. Find at least one (preferably more) that applies to what you’re about to read.

  • It’s super interesting!
  • It relates to something I learned last semester!
  • I can use it in my assignment!
  • I can use it in my practical exercise tomorrow!
  • I am going to discuss it with my study group tomorrow!
  • It’s important knowledge!