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Are you studying at Aarhus University and also an elite athlete performing at national or international level? And is your sport taking up so much time that it is interfering with your studies?

Studying at university while pursuing a professional sports career can be quite a challenge. AU Elitesport is there to help you to successfully combine your student life with your elite sporting activities. AU Elitesport can help you plan your studies so that your sport does not suffer. Likewise, planning and guidance can help to ensure that you are not overworked as a student due to your sports career.

See examples of students who are also elite athletes at the AU Elitesport website (in Danish).

AU Elitesport can help you communicate with those responsible for your study programme. As an elite athlete, you will often need a high level of flexibility, especially during those periods when you have to devote most of your time to your sport. In this situation, AU Elitesport can help you to put together and plan a special study programme. To make time for your sport, you may have to slow down your studies a bit.

The pressure of having to attend to both your studies and your sport can be extreme. The aim is to help you plan your life in a way which balances your study and sporting commitments.

Some athletes enrolled at university may benefit from having a study assistant. A study assistant is a fellow student who helps you to keep in touch with your studies, even when you are spending a lot of time away from the university due to your sport.

It is important for AU Elitesport to help ensure that elite athletes do not end up uneducated/unemployed once their sports careers end. You can talk to counsellors who are themselves elite athletes and who have experience from advising students in similar situations.

Find application form and read more about AU Elitesport (site in Danish only).


  • Are you a top athlete? / Are you involved in elite sport?
  • Are you having problems planning your time?
  • Is your sport interfering with your studies?
  • Is it difficult to balance your study and sporting commitments?
  • Would you like to study and pursue a sports career?
  • Do you need help with credit transfers?
  • Are you often away from your studies due to your sporting commitments?
  • Are you experiencing other related problems?



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