Withdrawal from exam

If you are registered for a course, you are automatically registered for the exam as well. You can deregister an exam until 14 days before the date of the exam.

Later withdrawals are only possible,  if you have received an exemption (dispensation).

Before you deregistrate an exam, please pay attention to the rules regarding maximum duration of studies and the demand for study progress.

Exemptions and approvals

Applications must be submitted to the board of studies well in advance of the deadline for exam registration in order to allow time to process the application.

Read more about the various types of exemptions under the field Dispensations (in Danish) or contact the student counsellors.

Make-up examination

Students who can present a medical certificate documenting disease on the exam day can get permission to late deregistration of the exam without using an attempt. The disease must be documented by your general practitioner on the day of the exam. To apply for this you must use the form 'Late registration from examinations due to illness' and submit it as soon as possible after the issue of the medical certificate. The form and medical certificate must be submitted to BSS Student Services.