Aarhus BSS Travel Grant

Aarhus BSS Travel Grant (Exchange during Autumn 2020 and onwards)

Aarhus BSS Travel Grant is a travel grant of DKK 7,000. You will be granted an Aarhus BSS Travel Grant if you are going on exchange through one of Aarhus University's exchange agreements. This also applies to students who are alllocated a fee-paying position. 

You will not be granted an Aarhus BSS Travel Grant if: 

  • You receive an Erasmus Scholarship
  • You receive a Nordplus/Nordlys Scholarship
  • You receive a scholarship from your host university equivalent to the Erasmus Scholarship (includes universities in Switzerland).  

Students who choose to study abroad as freemovers are not eligible for an Aarhus BSS Travel Grant. 

Application and payment

You do not need to submit an application for Aarhus BSS Travel Grant. Eligible students will receive the grant automatically. The grant will be transferred to your NEM-account: 

  • Exchange during Autumn 2020: Payment early September 2020
  • Exchange during Spring 2021: Payment early February 2021 

BSS Travel Grant is a travel grant that can be used for travel expenses in connection with exchange. This is the reason why the grant is tax-free.

Should you choose to follow online teaching and still be located in Denmark then you are not eligible to the BSS Travel Grant.

Should you choose during the semester to travel to the host university then you should document this by a copy of your travel expenses (plane ticket eg, sent by email to bss.international@au.dk. You are then eligible to receiving BSS Travel Grant.

Please note: If your exchange is cancelled prior to departure, you are obligated to pay back your Aarhus BSS Travel Grant. Any students who have not transferred credits from their exchange by the end of the semester following their exchange semester, will be required to submit documentation that they have attempted to complete their exchange.