Aarhus BSS Travel Grant

Aarhus BSS Travel Grant (Exchange during Spring 2020 and before)

Aarhus BSS Travel Grant is available only to students who go abroad thorugh an Aarhus University exchange agreement and who do not receive Erasmus or Nordplus grants or an equivalent grant from the host university (applies to universities in Switzerland). 

  • The grant is allocated after credit transfer of courses. 
  • Eligeble students who transfer 25 ECTS are awarded 5.000 DKK.
  • Eligeble students who transfer 30 ECTS are awarded 10.000 DKK.

Freemovers (study abroad outside AU/Aarhus BSS Agreements)

  • Freemovers, who receive Udlandsstipendium, are not eligible for Aarhus BSS Travel Grant. 
  • Freemovers, who do not receive Udlandstipendium, will be able to apply for the Aarhus BSS Travel Grant. Applications will be individually assessed by the relevant AU department.

Fee-paying study abroad 

Students who study abroad through one of Aarhus BSS's fee paying agreements are also eligeble to receive the Aarhus BSS Travel Grant. This includes students who receive Udlandstipendium.  

Combined semester and summer exchange through AU/Aarhus BSS

Students who are on semester exchange and in the same calender year combines this with exchange at a summer programme through one of AU's exchange agreements, are also eligeble for the Aarhus BSS Travel Grant. Please note that this applies only to a limited number of summer exchange positions administered by AU. 

Application for Aarhus BSS Travel Grant

If you are eligible for the Aarhus BSS Travel Grant you must: 

  1. Fill in this form
  2. Enclose documentation of credit transfer (print transcript of records from Student Self Service
  3. Send form and documentation to: bss.international@au.dk

The deadline to apply is May 1 or November 1.

You will be informed by email, and the money will be transferred to your NEM-Account as quckly as possible after the deadline. 

Aarhus BSS Travel Grant (Exchange during Autumn 2020 and onwards)

Aarhus BSS Travel Grant is a travel grant worth 7.000 DKK. You will be allocated an Aarhus BSS Travel Grant, if you are going on exchange through one of Aarhus University's exchange agreements. This also applies to students who are alllocated a fee-paying position. 

You will not be allocated the Aarhus BSS Travel Grant, if: 

  • You receive an Erasmus Scholarship
  • You receive a Nordplus/Nordlys-Scholarship
  • You receive a scholarship from your host university equivalent to the Erasmus Scholarship (includes universities in Switzerland).  

Students, who choose to study abroad as freemovers, are not eligeble for an Aarhus BSS Scholarship. 

Application and payment

You do not need to submit an application for Aarhus BSS Travel Grant. Eligeble students will receive the grant automatically. The grant will be transferred to your NEM-account: 

  • Exchange during Autumn 2020: Payment early September 2020
  • Exchange during Spring 2021: Payment early February 2021 

Please note: If your exchange is cancelled prior to departure, you are obligated to pay back your Aarhus BSS Travel Grant. Any students who have not transferred credits from their exchange by the end of the semester following their exchange semester, will be required to submit documentation that they have attempted to complete their exchange.