Private grants

It might be possible to apply for grants from one or more private funds in order to help with coverage of expenses during the study abroad. These are not limited to participation in the Aarhus BSS Study Abroad Programme. However, the possibilities for non-Danish students to apply for these funds are limited. We therefore encourage you to explore the possibility for public and/or private grants in your home country.

Relevant Information

While Aarhus BSS International cannot offer guidance on specific scholarships, we can provide some general pointers to be aware of:

  • Time aspect - do not give up if you do not find any funds to apply for within the first hour of searching!
  • Think broad - often your high school, home town, bank, local newspaper, your parents' jobs/professions etc. have funds
  • When - as private funds often has only one deadline, you may have to apply before you are sure where you will go - and that is OK
  • Structure - keep track of available grants, application deadlines, which grants you have applied for - and when, save your application, and note the outcome
  • Outcome - apply truthfully and actively and increase your chance for success
  • Public libraries have books and other resources on grant


You can find relevant information on the following websites: 

Please be advised that Aarhus BSS holds no responsibility for the information pertaining to scholarships provided on the above websites. Aarhus BSS only administers scholarships where we have been in actual contact with the scholarship provider. The application deadline for the different scholarships may change from year to year, so please check the relevant websites for the exact application deadlines.


It is difficult to make general recommendations about the application as they differ in regards to content, requirements and structure. Therefore, it is a good idea to pay attention to the specific requirements.

Often private funds require confirmation of admission to the host university and/or confirmation of credit transfer of courses from abroad at the time of application. However, most trustees will accept that this is forwarded as soon as it is available. 

Some private funds also require that you are able to document that the stay abroad is part of your fulltime stuides at AU. The nomination letter that you receive from Aarhus BSS as confirmation that you have been allocated an exchange- or fremover position via Aarhus BSS will suffice. 

Aarhus BSS will only be able to provide further documentation if you are able to document that the private fund requires such information.

Applying for scholarships can be a long and time consuming process and often you will not receive an answer with in the first couple of months. Therefore, start preparing in good time before departure.


If you receive a scholarship, please be aware of the rules and regulations concerning taxes. Normally, you will only have to pay tax of a scholarship if it exceeds a certain amount. It is, however, your own responsibility to stay updated about current rules and regulations in relation to scholarships. You can find further information on the Danish Tax authorities' website.  

Examples of Private Grants



Application deadline

Vilhelm Christiansens Fond - only for Study Abroad/Exchange

The purpose of the scholarship is to support the education of talented young business students.

For students from Aarhus University, the grant is administered by Aarhus BSS, who receives the applications and nominates the relevant students to the scholarship provider, who will then make the final assessment of allocation.

The nomination will be an overall assessment including the following criteria: GPA at the time of application, exchange destination, motivation, budget, etc..

Please complete the application form and send it to Aarhus BSS International ( together with your transcript from your current study programme at Aarhus University, confirmation of your study abroad and your tax assessment notice from SKAT.

The application must be sent as one pdf file named Vilhelm Christiansens Fond, the applicant’s name and AU student number.

It is not possible to apply if your Study Abroad/Exchange period was completed before the application deadline!

 Applications received after the application deadline as well as applications not correctly named or sent as one pdf file will not be considered.

 Students receiving the grant will hear directly from Vilhelm Christiansen's Fond. Students who do not receive a grant will not receive any further information.

1 May

Applications are received 1 month prior to the application deadline

Denmark-America Foundation  (DAF)

For university students who are going to study at a university in the USA.

For more information on who can apply and for what: and

Check website for next application deadline

FinTech Scholarship

Scholarship program for master students interested in innovation and financial techology. For one semester studies at IC Berkley, California.

For more information:

Check website for next application deadline

Ramboll Scholarship

Ramboll in Denmark awards scholarships every year, each valued DKK 25,000.

Who can apply:

  • You are studying Engineering, Natural Science, Political Science, Economics or Architecture
  • You are a full-time student at a Danish University
  • You are going to study a semester abroad outside of Denmark

Application form and other information:

Check website for next application deadline Sustainability Scholarship

The scholarship is open to all students who want to study a master's programme that is helping you making the world more sustainable. E.g. to cover tuition fee in connection with a study abroad.

Read more at 

Check website for next application deadline