A freemover is a student who studies for one semester at an institution outside BSS exchange agreements. The term freemover is mostly a European term. Other terms used: Study abroad student (Aus/NZ), non-degree student (USA/Asia), guest student, visiting student. Freemovers organise their Study Abroad semester individually and with limited help from the Aarhus BSS Study Abroad & Exchange team. Often, it is possible to go through an agent. Agents work commission-based for one or several universities abroad and can facilitate your freemover semester.

What do I need to be aware of?

You must be prepared to invest even more time and energy into the preparation as all contact to the host institution must be made by you yourself.

You are responsible for seeking all relevant information (both practical and academic) yourself. Some information may be provided in the Aarhus BSS Study Abroad database, if other students have previously been freemovers at the institution in question. We cannot guarantee that this information  will be updated or correct for your purposes.

In most cases you have to pay tuition fee to the foreign institution in order to be admitted. Aarhus BSS does not have any funding to help pay for tuition fees etc. You can apply for Udlandsstipendium to help cover the tuition fee at the host institution.

How do I get started?

You should start planning your freemover stay as early as possible – often up to a year in advance. You might have to apply to the institution even before the Aarhus BSS Study Abroad deadline.

When choosing a freemover institution, consider criteria like geography, academic quality and most of all the selection of courses in order for you to be able to fit it with the Aarhus BSS study programme.

How do I apply
 for a freemover position? 

Contact the foreign institution and/or search their website for deadlines, application procedures, admission criteria, housing possibilities, available courses.

Make sure that the host institution is aware that you apply outside of an exchange agreement, and that you are not planning to take a full degree.

It is a VERY GOOD idea to get together with other freemover students in groups (regardless of country and institution you are going to) and help each other gather information and complete applications.

Register as freemover:

We recommend you to register as freemover in our student database during our application round. Just choose freemover as your first priority in the electronic application.

If you did not register during the application round, you can come by our Front desk (room 021 building 1443) with a copy of your admission letter, as soon as you have received it.

If you register as freemover in the Study Abroad database, you will automatically receive an invitation to relevant meetings and receive emails concerning other information.

If you prefer going abroad as an exchange student, but want to go as a freemover in case you cannot be allocated a position, just choose freemover as your last priority in the electronic application.