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Financial support for study trips

For the master programmes at Department of Economics

You can find information for the master programmes at Department of Economics in Financial support for study trips.

The information only concerns the following degree programmes:

  • MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (cand.merc.)
  • MSc in Finance (cand.merc.)
  • MSc in Finance and International Business (cand.merc.)
  • MSc in Business Intelligence (cand.merc.)
  • MSc in International Economic Consulting (cand.merc.)
  • MSc in Auditing (cand.merc.)
  • MSc in Economics and Management (cand.oecon.)
  • MSc in Business Administration (cand.soc.)

    For the master programmes at Department of Management

    This information is valid for master’s programmes at Department of Management:

    • MSc in Information Management
    • MSc in Innovation Management
    • MSc in International Business
    • MSc in IT Communication and Organisation –
    • MSc in Marketing
    • MSc in Management Accounting and Control
    • MSc in Strategy, Organisation and Leadership

    If you are going on a study trip abroad or in Denmark, you may apply for financial support from the Department of Management.

    Applications may be sent throughout the year, and grants are given on the basis of an assessment of the required contents of the application (see below) and if funding for the particular purpose of the trip is available.

    The grants are intended for study trips for groups of students with the purpose of getting new perspectives on their studies, e.g. by visiting companies or other universities. It is not possible to apply for funding in connection with trips related to the writing of a Master’s thesis.

    The study trip must be a natural part of the teaching, or alternatively enhance internationalisation and cooperation across the borders.


    • The application must include the following information:
    • The purpose of the trip and in what way it is relevant for the study
    • Programme for the study trip
    • Number of students participating in the study trip and list of participants
    • Budget for the study trip
    • Letter of recommendation from the course coordinator, lecturer or similar
    • Name of the leader of the trip, if any
    • Separate budget for the leader of the trip, if any

    Send the application to Department of Management, Lone Larsen

    After the study trip a short report describing the contents and output of the trip must be sent to Lone Larsen as well.

    Financial support

    Financial support is allocated as follows:

    • Overseas: DKK 800 per student
    • Europe: DKK 400 per student
    • Sjælland: DKK 200 per student
    • Rest of Denmark: based on individual assessment

    You may also apply for financial support to cover the travel and living expenses of one trip leader. The trip leader must be an employee at Aarhus University.

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