Academic regulations and executive orders

A number of executive orders, and regulations laid down by Aarhus University, govern the degree programmes offered at Aarhus University. The rules applying to the individual degree programmes are stipulated in the academic regulations (studieordninger) for each degree programme. As a student, you must keep yourself informed of the rules applying to your degree programme, and you must therefore also ensure that you are constantly updated on new rules and amendments to the academic regulations.

Academic regulations consist of general rules and a section describing the individual components of the degree programme, including examination details on the individual courses.

When you enroll in a degree programme, you must also comply with the academic regulations currently applying to this particular study programme. You will be enrolled under the latest academic regulations, although other regulations may also still be in force.  The academic regulations applying to your degree programme will appear from your enrolment summary at (the selfservice facility).

The most important rules and regulations are listed below.

Find the academic regulations here or find them in the below lists.


All bachelor degree programmes are taught mainly in Danish.

Rules and regulations

See Aarhus University’s rules and regulations for more internal rules at Aarhus University.

Acts and ministerial orders

See for Ther University Programme Order, Ministerial on Admission and Enrollment on Master's (Candidatus) Programmes at Universities, The Admissions Order, The Examination Order, The Danish Public Administration Act, The Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data and other acts and ministerial orders.

Former academic regulations

Degree programmes in Economics and Management (oecon.):

BSc oecon.: 2001-regulations (Danish)2005-regulations (Danish)2005-regulations with revisions of 2006

MSc oecon.: 2001-regulartions (Danish)

Degree programmes in Business Administration:

Bachelor’s degree programme with Business Administration as main subject: 2005-regulations (Danish)

Master’s degree programme with Business Administration as main subject (cand.soc.): 2001-regulations (Danish)2005-regulations (Danish)

Subsidiary subject in Business Administration: 2006-regulations (Danish)