Public Policy Specialisation


Please note that these courses are taught at the Department of Political Science and are only available for students enrolled in the 'Public Policy' specialisation.

For students enrolled in the 'Public Policy' specialisation until autumn 2019, all Oecon-courses taught at the Department for Economics and Business Economics are also available (see Master's electives). For student enrolled from autumn 2019 only the following courses will be available. 

When considering which elective courses you wish to attend, please pay attention to the following principles used for the time tables to avoid overlapping courses. Find the course clusters in the Master's electives section.

Please find the course descriptions in the course catalogue.

For students at BSc level, please refer to your academic regulation or your study portal.

Mandatory Courses

Mandatory courses, Spring 2021:
4427: Economics of Competition and Regulation (10 ECTS) – Mandatory for all students enrolled in the 'Public Policy' specialisation     
5425: Applied Public Policy (P) (10 ECTS) – Mandatory for all students enrolled in the 'Public Policy' specialisation 

Mandatory courses, Autumn 2020:
4615: Microeconometrics (10 ECTS) – Mandatory for students enrolled before Autumn 2019, and elective for student enrolled from Autumn 2019
4428: Politics and Economics of the EU (10 ECTS) – Mandatory for students enrolled from Autumn 2019

4518: The Economics of the Welfare State (10 ECTS) – Mandatory for all students enrolled in the 'Public Policy' specialisation    

Elective Courses - Spring 2021

Political Science:

211F21 Party Competition: Political Parties' Strategies in the Competition for Votes (10 ECTS)
213F21 Digitalisation and the Welfare State (10 ECTS)
214F21 Us and Them: Group Identity and Politics (10 ECTS)
215F21 Immigration, Ethnic Diversity and Social Cohesion: an (In)compatible Cocktail? (10 ECTS)
216F21 Empty Promises? How Parties, Voters and Media Relate to Election Promises (10 ECTS)
217F21 Radical Right Parties - a Challenge to Western European Democracies?! (10 ECTS)
218F21 Politics in the Local Area - the Meaning of Local Conditions for Political Behavior (10 ECTS)
231F21 Leading Change in Public Organisations (10 ECTS)
232F21 The Public Administration Under Pressure: Implications for Employees and Citizens (10 ECTS)
233F21 Employee Involvement as a Resource or a Challenge? Types of, Reasons for and Effects of Employee Involvement in Public Organisations (10 ECTS)
234F21 Educational Inequality: Quantitative Perspectives on Causes and Solutions (10 ECTS)
235F21 Politics and Administration: How Social Dilemmas Shape Public Administration (10 ECTS)
253F21 Survey Experiments in the Social Sciences (10 ECTS)
254F21 Using Surveys to Study Leadership and Employee Atttitudes (10 ECTS)
255F21 Computational Text Analysis (10 ECTS)    

4118: Business Data Analysis (10 ECTS)
4542: Monetary Economics (10 ECTS)
4568: Housing Economics and Policy (10 ECTS)
4569: Housing markets and the Macroeconomy (10 ECTS)
5401: Empirical Human Resource Management (10 ECTS)
5415: Micro and Macro Models of the Labor Market (P) (10 ECTS)
5527: The Economics of Pension and Demographics (10 ECTS)
5620: Economic Forecasting (P) (10 ECTS)
6450: Advanced Microeconomic Theory (10 ECTS)
6652: Advanced Econometrics (10 ECTS)

Elective Courses - August 2021

AUG3 F21 Radical Right Parties in a Comparative Perspective: Victories and Defeats
AUG4 F21 Biases and Rationality in Political Thinking

Courses offered by the Study Board of Economics and Management for August 2021 will be updated in December 2020 and the final course descriptions will be available in the course catalogue by April 26th 2021.    

Elective Courses - Autumn 2020

Political Science:
102E20 Leadership, Motivation and Performance (20 ECTS)
103E20 Political Data Science - Digital Skills and Applied Statistical Analysis (20 ECTS)
211E20 Medielandskabet i hastig forandring: Hvad betyder det for vores demokrati? (10 ECTS)
212E20 Advanced EU Politics (10 ECTS)
213E20 Det talte ord: interviewmetode, forhandlingsteori og retorik (10 ECTS)
217E20 Money in Politics (10 ECTS)
218E20 Which spaces are accessible for whom under what conditions? – Exploring how social categories shape latitude (10 ECTS)
219E20 Radikale højrefløjspartier i komparativt perspektiv: sejre og nederlag (10 ECTS)
220E20 Borgernes grønne omstilling? Politisk holdningsdannelse og mobilisering på klimaområdet (10 ECTS)
221E20 Vælgeradfærd og politisk repræsentation (10 ECTS)
231E20 Administrative byrder i mødet mellem stat og borger (10 ECTS)
232E20 Byerne som klimapolitikkens frontløbere? Klimapolitik som multi-level governance (10 ECTS)
233E20 Welfare Conditionality: The Theory and Practice of Linking Welfare Rights to Behaviour through Conditions and Sanctions (10 ECTS)
234E20 Frontlinjemedarbejdere - politik, profession og praksis (10 ECTS)
235E20 Den datadrevne offentlige sektor – muligheder og begrænsninger (10 ECTS)
236E20 Risikoledelse i offentlige organisationer (10 ECTS)
244E20 Et demokratisk skifte i Central- og Østeuropa? (10 ECTS)
252E20 Political Data Science - Digital Skills (10 ECTS)
253E20 Forecasting Models and the 2020 US Presidential Election (10 ECTS)
254E20 Geografiens politiske rolle: teori, metode og anvendelse (10 ECTS)

4407: Labour Economics (10 ECTS)
4425: Micro 2 (10 ECTS)
4428: Politics and Economics of the EU (10 ECTS) – Elective course for students on Academic Regulations from 2017 and mandatory for other students
4505: Macro 2 (10 ECTS)
4615: Microeconometrics – Mandatory course for students on Academic Regulations from 2017 and elective course for other students
4616: Time Series Econometrics (10 ECTS)
4645: Machine Learning Methods in Empirical Economics (10 ECTS)
5418: Health Economics (10 ECTS)
5440: Environmental Economics (P) (10 ECTS)
5450: Political Economy (10 ECTS)
5522: International Economics (10 ECTS)
5524: Economic Growth and the Environment (10 ECTS)
5637: Applied Micro Econometrics (P) (10 ECTS)
6551: Advanced Macroeconomics (10 ECTS)
6954: Mathematical Analysis  (10 ECTS)    

Elective Courses - August 2020

EU Politics in Theory and Practice: International Summer Course in Brussels (10 ECTS) – the course is CANCELLED in 2020. The course EU Politics in Theory and Practice: International Summer Course in Aarhus (10 ECTS) is offered as a replacement.
6320: The Econometrics of Markets with Search Frictions (5 ECTS)
6448: Bounded Rationality and Market Interaction (5 ECTS)