Project-based internship

As a student enrolled in the Master's degree programmes 'Economics and Management' or 'Business Administration you can include an internship in your study programme. Internships gives you the possibility of trying out theories in real life.

The internship can take place in Denmark or abroad. Most often students spend an internship at an embassy, a consulate, in the EU or in private companies.

Internship requirements

The objective of the project-based internship is to obtain a deeper understanding of a subject area or topic. As an internship replaces one or more courses in an MSc study programme, the learning should consist of a deeper academic insight into an area and not just superficial knowledge of the area.

The host company appoints a contact person (external supervisor). The external supervisor has the overall responsibility for the student during the internship and enters into an internship agreement with the student.

The student is responsible for finding an internal supervisor who must be employed as an academic member of staff at the Department of Economics and Business Economics.

It is always advisable to draw up a contract with your place of internship. This way you may secure your rights and obligations in connection with the internship. The place of internship will often draw up a contract for you, but you can also print a contract from this link, which the internship should sign.

If you need to prepare a confidentiality agreement, you can find one here: Confidentiality agreement

Students enrolled at the bachelor degree programme cannot include a project-based internship in their study programme.

Finding an internship

You can find internships at 'Jobbank' and at the website of 'Økonomisk Forening'. The International Centre at Aarhus University can also be of help, when you are looking for an internship.

The application deadlines for an internship vary very much, but it is a good idea to send your application at least 6 months in advance. Application dates for foreign internships are often earlier than the Danish internships. You should always send applications to several internships, as some internships are often very popular. - The duration of an internship will typically be of 6 months

Student grant (SU), acknowledgement and salary

Companies that affiliate students in project-based internships can give them an acknowledgement to show their appreciation. Students can accept acknowledgements up to a maximum of 3000 Danish kroner per month besides their monthly student grant (SU).
A project-based internship forms part of your education as it is an integrated part of the courses constituting your degree programme. Therefore, students are eligible to receive SU while they take part in a project-based internship. Please note, as a student you cannot accept a salary during your project-based internship. This also applies if you give up your SU.
Students cannot expect to receive a permanent monthly acknowledgement from the company. Furthermore, you cannot make an agreement on beforehand that ensures a monthly acknowledgement
However, the student and the company can make an agreement from which it appears that the student can receive an acknowledgement for her/his efforts.

Legislation and salary

A number of countries (e.g. France and Germany) have legislation that requires companies to disburse a salary to students when they work for the company as part of a project-based internship.
Students can receive the salary constituted by law, if they participate in a project-based internship in one of the countries where salaries are required.
However, it is important to emphasize that the student cannot receive SU while they also receive a salary from the place of internship.
Students must at all times be able to document that it is a legal requirement before they are allowed to receive salary in connection with a project-based internship.