Aids and IT support for written on-site exams

Aids at Digital Exams at Health

You can find the exam regulations for Aarhus University here:

In the course catalogue ( you can find a detailed overview of which aids you can bring to the indivitual exam. It's your own responsibility that the aids you bring along works. In the course catalogue you can also see if your course allows specific programmes/aids.

There are only 2 categories regardinge aids:  


All aids - also access to internet etc.
See the above mentioned regulations for details.

IndicatedIt is specified what you can and cannot bring.
See the course cataologue for details.

There is nothing called "No aids" anymore since handed out paper and pencil or computer is now considered aid.

Aids for digitalization of drawings

As a student you're entitled to bring the Microsoft Office package and you can get for free (get Office for free here). All the programs in the package are approved for exams and you can also convert your document to PDF in it.

If you need to digitalize a drawing you have the following options (there may be limitations for some courses - please consult the course catalogue for details):

  • Use the computers camera, a hand-held web camera, a digital camera connected via USB cabel and with a cleared memory or a hand-held scanner.
  • Draw directly on your computer using either mouse, drawing pen or drawing pad (we recommend Paint for PC and PaintBrush for Mac).

Calculation program/calculators

As a general rule you may use the calculator in your operating system (Windows/OS). Please consult the course catalogue before the exam since the course coordinator may have stated that you may use a different calculator.

IT-support at Digital Exams

Here you'l find an overview of the things that the IT Support at Health will help out with at written on-site exams and the things that we expect of you to know yourself. 

IT Support will help with the following:

Before the exam startsBefore the exam ends
  • Help to log on to Eduroam
  • Help to log on to WAYF 
  • Help to start DE and find your assignment
  • Help to save as PDF
    (Even though you should have tested this before the exam day) 
  • Help to find your saved document.
    (Even though you should have tested this before the exam) 
  • Help to turn the paper in

What we expect that you know/have tested before the exam:

  • Know your AU-ID
  • Know your password
  • Have been logged on and connected to Eduroam 
  • Have installed Java 
  • Have tried to work in a text editor with tables, headers and footers, page numbers, font size, copy/paste of text/tables etc. (Your text editor have to be compatible with the .docx file format because that's the format the assignment is in.)
  • Know where you save your files
  • Have tried to save a Word file as PDF

The abovementioned issues are based on the experiences that the IT Support staff have from previous exams.

If you encounter any problems before the exam, don't hesitate to pop by Health IT Support in the Bartholin building or at the Dentist school or phone at 87150922.