FAQ - Written on-site exams

Written on-site exams take place at a specific location and invigilators will be present.

Below you can read more about how to use Digital Exam with this exam type.

You can also watch some video tutorials (in Danish) about how to prepare you and your computer BEFORE the exam starts - the videos are on this playlist on YouTube.


Administrative support:

If you have problems with your exam registration in the system or other questions regarding the exam, you have to contact your exam coordinator. You can find the contact information on the exam in Digital Exam or in the e-mail you have received prior to the exam.

Technical support:

Contact Health IT for technical support.

Academic help:

Contact your instructor/teacher.

Before the exam

ITX Flex

When you take a digital written on-site exam, it may be mandatory for you to install and run the ITX Flex program on your computer during the entire exam. ITX Flex is a program for monitoring your computer during the exam. If use of ITX Flex is mandatory, it is your own responsibility to make sure the program remains running on your computer during the entire exam.

See the guide to taking on-site written exams using ITX Flex.

ITX Flex demoexam

It is possible to test ITX Flex via a demoexam before the actual exam.

Download ITX Flex

To access the demoexam you have to use:

  • Personal code for the demoexam: E00000
  • Pincode for the demoexam: 00000

For the demoexam the following applies:

  • You can use the working directory, which is a basic folder on your computer, as stated or edit the location, just as with the exam. The folder can be deleted afterwards.
  • The demoexam starts after 2 minutes and lasts 10 minutes.
  • You can download a demoexam assignment which will be placed in the working library, just as with the exam.
  • You can test that ITX Flex is visible as a red square surrounding the edges of your screen and thereby, that everything is working accordingly.
  • ITX Flex will record while running the demoexam, but no data will be saved.
  • You cannot test the actual hand-in, as this is to be done through eksamen.au.dk.

Use ITX Flex to access your set of exam questions

If you are taking a digital on-site exam that makes use of ITX Flex, you can access your set of exam questions from ITX Flex. See the the short guide for more information one the use of ITX Flex.

System requirements

Minimum computer requirements

  • PC: Windows 7
  • Mac: OSX 10.10 (Yosemite)


Additional requirements for running the ITX Flex program


  • You must have internet access, and you must make sure that ITX Flex has access to the internet/ITX Backend.
  • You must have at least 2GB of free disk space.
  • You must make sure that the program can write to the folder it is installed in.


How do I know if my computer meets the requirements?

When you start ITX Flex, the programme will perform a health check of your computer. If the computer meets the requirements, you will see three green ticks:

What constitutes cheating at exams and what are the consequences?

Aarhus University has prepared this brochure, which explains what cheating at exams constitutes and provides examples of exam cheating. If you are in any doubt at all, we strongly urge you to ask your lecturer, your supervisor or your examiner.

Consequences of cheating at exams

It is your responsibility to stay informed about the traditions within your subject field and the code of ethics. Violating these rules is a serious matter and may be so severe that it must be treated as exam cheating.

The consequences of cheating at exams are specified in the Rules regarding disciplinary measures for students. Attempts at cheating at exams will be dealt with in accordance with the rules on exam cheating no matter whether the attempt at cheating is successful or whether you actually intended to cheat. The rules on exam cheating are applicable irrespective of the type of examination.

Find more information in the left side menu under 'Exam cheating'

What are the exam regulations at AU?

You can read the exam regulations on AU here.

Where do I find Digital Exam?

You find the Digital Exam system by clicking on this link: eksamen.au.dk.

Which aids can I bring?

You can read more here about aids for written exams in the Digital Exam system.

Can I choose to write with a pencil/pen at a digital exam?

No, the exams are digital (unless a specific exam has given special permission to turn in handwritten graphs and figures).

If generel operational problems occur it can be decided that an exam will continue and that it will be handwritten.

If your computer breaks down during an exam, the invigilators may give permission to hand in a handwritten exam.

Will IT Support staff be present at the exam?

There will be IT Support staff present at the exam but it is expected of you that you know the basic things about a digital exam - such as saving a document in PDF - read more about the details here.

Small print: the university declines any responsibility for any issues/problems on your pc/Mac if you have received any help form the IT Support staff.

Bring your NemID key card

Remember to bring you NemID key card (you can't use your phone) to the exam because you might need it for log in if WAYF crashes.

When can I see the exam in the system?

A notification will be sent to your post.au.dk-mail when your exam is ready in the Digital Exam system. This will happen no later than 1 (one) week before the exam starts.

All information regarding the specific exam will be shown here and we recommend that you check the exam regurlarly before it starts in order to keep yourself updated.

During the exam

What are WAYF and AU ID?

WAYF – Where Are You From – constitutes a link between your Aarhus University login (or any other educational institution) and external web services.

To access WAYF, you should use the same username and password as for mit.au.dk, which means you can use your mit.au.dk username and password to get access to various pages. In brief: one username and one password gives you access to several different services.  And as long as you are logged on to the system, you can jump from one service to another without having to log in again.

When using WISEflow you may be asked to enter your AU ID.

You will find your AU ID on mit.au.dk. How to:

  1. Log in to mit.au.dk.
  2. Click on “Personal Information”.
  3. Your AU ID should be visible right below your civil registration number.

If you have a new student card, your AU ID will also appear here.


  • to place your student card on the table so the invigilators can identify you.
  • to contact the invigilators if you encounter any problems and ask of them to write the incident down.
  • that you can switch to writing with your hand if it is not possible to continue digitally.

My computer crashes during the exam. What do I do?

If your computer crashes during the exam you can switch to writing on paper. If it happens it is important that you contact the invigilators and write on the paper they give you.

What is the deadline for submitting the exam?

The deadline for your exam can be found on the list of exams you are registered for. You must submit your paper before the deadline set for your exam in order for your exam paper to be accepted.

This means that it is important for you to submit your paper in good time so that you have time to deal with any unforeseen problems before the deadline.

How do I hand in large files?

See the guide on how to hand in large files

When do I have to turn the paper in?

It is VERY important that you turn your paper in on time and in PDF because the system shuts down precisely and it is the time in the Digital Exam system that is correct. If the deadline is 12.00.00, you have to turn in BEFORE 12.00.00.

How can I make sure that my exam paper has been submitted correctly?

You will receive an email receipt stating that your exam paper has been submitted on time. You will also be able to see a receipt after you click ‘deliver’. You can print out the receipt if you like.

How do I know if ITX Flex is recording?

ITX Flex will be visible, as a red square around the edges of your screen, when the program is recording.

After the exam

Can I see my exam paper after I have submitted it?

Yes. After you have submitted your exam pape and the deadline for submissions has passed, you will be able to see what you have submitted on your receipt page.

What has ITX Flex recorded?

You have the option of accessing the data that ITX Flex recorded during your exam. The exam information, accessed from the Digital Exams systems, shows you when your exam log will be available and you can access the log from the confirmation of exam submission.

Will I be able to see who is correcting my exam paper?

This depends on what is common practice for the degree programme in question. As a rule, you will not be able to see who the external co-examiner is. 

How do I apply for a dispensation?

let's say you turned your paper in late (the system closes down exactly at deadline) you have to apply for a dispensation to turn it in no later than 2 days after the exam day. If we don't receive your application within the 2 day deadline, you have used one exam attempt. Read more about dispensations here.

Who may I contact after the exam?

If you have questions regarding your exam paper, e.g. if you have discovered that your exam paper was not handed in correctly, you may contact HE Studies - see contact information here.