Summer exam 2021

On this page, you will find information about the summer exam 2021 at Nat and Tech.

You can find the overview of exam forms via the green button just below, and at the very bottom of the page, you can find the exam plan. It is also important that you familiarise yourself with the other information boxes.  

Reading instructions

  • The overview of exams has been approved by the relevant Boards of Studies, and the changes will therefore be effective for the coming summer exams.
  • The overview shows how we expect exams to be conducted in the coming exam period – e.g. via Zoom or Digital Exam from home or some other way.
    A small number of courses have permission to conduct exams on Campus. Which exams this concerns will be evident from the overview.  
  • The overview shows the exams that will be conducted during the summer exams (S21). You are automatically registered for the exams where you have also been registered for teaching in the spring semester (F21).
  • All ordinary exams are in the overview, in which you can seek out your courses.
  • The final plan with dates for the summer exams will be published in the first week of May.
  • Re-examination in courses from the winter exams 20/21
    • If you have a re-exam in a course where you used your first exam attempt in the winter exams 20/21, the re-exam in May/June will be conducted in the same form as in the winter exams 20/21.
    • If you have a re-exam in a course from the winter exams 20/21 where the course has subsequently been taught in F21 (primarily Bachelor of Engineering students), you must participate in the exam along with the students who will  be taking the exam for the first time, following the exam form that is shown on the overview.
  • Please remember to read the comment field, as important information regarding the exam may be listed here.
  • It is important that you read the other boxes with information on this site.
    • Please address any questions regarding your specific exams to your teacher or course responsible.  
    • Please address any questions regarding your exam registrations to
  • All plans published now are subject to the proviso that the current Covid-19 infection situation may entail that plans can change on short notice. All changes will be announced continuously in the overview on your study portal, and you must therefore check the overview regularly to stay updated.

How to prepare for online exam

If your exam is going to take place online, it will be a good idea to prepare at home for the brand new stet-up. Especially the oral online exam will be different for most students. It will therefore be a good idea to practice this exam form as a part of your preparation – preferably with a fellow student or your study group. What is most important is that you feel safe with the new format and technique, so that you can focus on the content of the exam. 

Good advice for what you can do to get ready for your online exams:

  • Thoroughly familiarise yourself with the exam that you are taking. The information about the exam is accessible on this site. Examine which technical equipment you are going to need e.g. computer, webcam and a charged phone. Most importantly, you should test if everything is working in good time before the exam.
  • Examine which relevant programmes you need for the each exam, e.g. Zoom, Digital Exam, and Wiseflow. Check if you can convert to the right format.
  • If you use Zoom at your exam, then read the instructions about how to use Zoom in an exam situation. It is important that you follow the instructions due to IT-security.
  • Make sure you know who to contact and what to do if you experience any technical problems at an oral exam. See “What do I do if I get technical problems at my oral online exam” on this site.
  • Examine how you avoid cheating at the exam. Be highly aware of the fact that your are not allowed to talk to other people during the individual exams – nor when the exam is homebased. See “Get safely through the online exam” on this site.
  • If you have any questions, ask your teacher before your exam.

See more advice about oral exams online on Studypedia.

Requirements for students’ equipment during online exam

What to do if you get technical problems at your oral online exam

If you experience technical problems at the exam, check the advice listed below. You have to follow this advice if you are not able to login to the chosen exam platform (Zoom) by the beginning of the exam and if you experience technical problems during the exam that prevents you from completing the exam.

  • If technical problems related to login on Zoom occur, you have to call technical support – the phone number is listed in Digital Exam.
  • If you experience technical problems during the exam, the examiner will try to contact you on the phone number you have given at the beginning of the exam.
  • When you have reached contact over the phone, you will try to reconnect to Zoom.
  • If it is not possible to reconnect to you within 5 minutes, the exam will be stopped.
  • Subsequently, the examiner will contact you by e-mail or phone, and you will decide on a new time for the exam. If it is not possible, you will be referred to participate in the exam the next time possible.
  • No matter what, you have not used an exam attempt if your exam is stopped due to technical problems.

You will be asked to document the technical problems. Thoroughly examine how your online exams are going to take place.

If you experience technical problems with Digital Exam, please contact the IT support team on phone number +45 8715 6898.  

How to prepare for Digital Exam

  • Please check whether you can log into Digital Exam well in advance of the beginning of the exam 

  • Please check whether you can create a PDF file 

  • If you are to upload large files or videos, it is important to start well in advance of the submission deadline and that you have a good internet connection

  • Please practise digitalising handwritten materials before your exam. 
    See guide:  
    Under these special COVID-19 circumstances, you are allowed to use your phone and tablet to digitalise your submission. 

  • Communication during written exams: 
    During your written exam, please be aware that communication is not allowed. Communication during an exam is considered cheating. 
    If you receive messages or the like on communication platforms or file-sharing services during a written exam, you are under no circumstances allowed to respond.

FAQ for written exams in Digital Exam

  • I cannot create a PDF 
    You can find a guide on how to create PDF files here: 
    If this does not work, please contact the IT support on phone number +45 8715 6898. 

  • Can I contact the IT support if I have technical issues? 
    Yes, you can contact the IT support on phone number +45 8715 6898.

  • I cannot upload my exam paper?
    Please contact the exam supervisor – you can find the phone number under ‘Exam information’ on the exam in Digital Exam.

  • Where do I find my PIN code? 
    You do not need a PIN code in this examination period

  • Do I need to use ITX Flex? 
    You do not need to use ITX Flex in this examination period

  • I cannot find the exam set in the ITX Flex folder? 
    You do not need to use ITX Flex in this examination period. You can find the exam set in Digital Exam ( 

  • The exam has just started, but I cannot see the exam set? 
    Please update your browser. 

  • My extended exam time does not appear in Digital Exam? 
    At least two days before the exam, you will be able to see your extended exam time. If this is not the case, please contact the exam administrator. 

  • I have trouble uploading my exam paper into Digital Exam? 
    Please try using another browser or ‘clear cache’ - see guide on how to ‘clear cache’ here.

  • I have submitted my exam paper after the submission deadline? 
    Please apply for an exemption via as soon as possible.

  • I have submitted the wrong exam paper? 
    Please apply for an exemption via as soon as possible.

  • I have forgotten to submit my appendices? 
    Please apply for an exemption via as soon as possible.

  • I have found a mistake in the exam set? 
    Please contact the exam supervisor – you can find the phone number under ‘Exam information’ on the exam in Digital Exam.

  • How can I see if my exam paper has been submitted correctly? 
    You will receive an email with a receipt confirming that your exam paper has been submitted duly. Moreover, a receipt will appear after you press “Submit”. You can choose to print or screenshot this. It is important that you check your receipt to make sure that you have submitted your exam paper correctly. 

  • Can I see my exam paper after submission? 
    Yes. When you have submitted your exam paper and the exam time has ended, you can see what you have submitted on the page with your receipt. 

Get safely through the online exam and Digital Exam

AU's normal rules for cheating at exams still apply. But to help you get through your online exams with peace of mind, we thought it would be helpful to highlight the issues you should be particularly aware of when taking online exams.

General information

  • The rules for the individual exams can be found on your study portal. If you are in doubt about how the rules should be understood, please contact your studies administration office prior to the exam, so that you don’t accidentally do something you’re not allowed to do in connection with your exam.

Written exams

  • When writing an individual exam paper, you are not allowed to collaborate with your fellow students during the exam. This means that you are not allowed to share advice and good ideas about the exam or share exam papers with others during the exam.
  • Remember to cite the sources you use in your paper. Reusing material without including a source reference is plagiarism.
  • This includes your own work. If you reuse material you produced and used yourself in connection with another exam, you must clearly state your source.

Oral exams

  • You must have a video connection to the virtual examination room via a webcam or the like, and you must show your student ID card at the beginning of the exam. If the examiner and co-examiner can't see you and confirm your identity, the exam cannot be held.
  • You are not allowed to receive help from others – either physically or digitally – during the exam. If you have guests at the examination, they must be clearly visible in the background.
  • You may be asked to pan the room with your camera at the beginning of the exam.

View the full version of the pamphlet 'Avoid pitfalls at exams' on cheating on exams.

Contact your teacher or Study Service if your still have questions.  

Exemptions for special exam conditions for summer exams 2021

If you have been granted exemption for special exam conditions in which exams have changed form or duration, you will receive a revised decision that takes the changes into account.

If you need a completely new exemption because the exam has been changed, you must submit an application for exemption as soon as possible. You apply via

It will be possible to see the time allocated for the exam in Digital Exam no later than two days before the exam. If the time allocated does not match your decision, please contact us as soon as possible. You will find contact information in your decision.

If your exam has been changed to an exam form for which you are not granted an exemption, your exemption will expire, and you do not receive a new decision. For example, if you have previously been granted an exemption for an oral exam with preparation, which has now been changed to an oral exam without preparation, your exemption will expire, and we do not send you a new decision.

The site is updated continuously

Remember to check regularly as plans can change on short notice


The course coordinator if it's regarding the exam form in question.

The Exam Office if it's regarding the exam schedule, e.g. overlaps of exams:

Introduction to Digital Exam View introduction video to Digital Exam

ITX Flex is not used

Please note that ITX Flex is NOT used for the converted exam.

Exam plan - Summer

The exam plan is shown below:

Your exam plan - Summer

Find your personal exam plan here: