First-year examination

The first-year examination must be passed before the end of your first academic year, that is no later than 31 August.

All exams during the first year are included in the first-year examination, 60 ECTS credits in total. Please find specific information about the first-year examination in the academic regulations.

You only have two examination attempts in courses that are included in the first-year exam. You will automatically be registered for all exams on the first academic year. You will not be able to withdraw from the first examination attempt without exemption. You can apply for an exemption from the first-year examination requirement due to exceptional circumstances.

If you do not pass all the first-year exams, you will be withdrawn from the university.


  • First Semester courses: The latest time to be passed is in the form of reexamination in May/June.
  • Second Semester courses: The most recent time to be passed is reexamination in August.

You can find further information regarding exemptions under 'Student Counselling' in the menu. Your application for exemption should be filed via

If you have any questions, you can contact the student counsellors or write to