Driving Permissions

Students must have a written permission from Geoscience before driving the department cars.
Otherwise, the student is not covered by insurance and can be made personally liable for all damages and accidents.

Please note that driving licenses are only granted to students studying at the Department of Geoscience.  

To get a driving permission, do as follows:

  • Download and print the form 
  • Fill-in the frame at top of the page
    (name, matriculation number, purpose of the drive)
  • Sign at bottom of page
  • Deliver the form – together with a copy of your driving license – to the secretariat (in due time please!. Inform for which period you need the permission

If all required information is available, the the driving permission is issued by the secretariat –
but NOTE: The permission is not valid until you have got a signed copy with information about period of validity.