Change of programme for Bachelor of Engineering students

It is possible to switch between some of the Bachelor of Engineering programmes. 

In order to change your programme, you have to have completed one semester and all results must be registered. This means that you cannot change your field of study in mid-semester.  

Note that your grades from your previous programme will not be transferred to your new field of study. This means that your exam certificate will only include that semesters/courses from your previous field of study have been passed and the credits transferred. There are some exceptions. You can print out your results via STADS and attach them to your exam certificate.

Which programmes can I change to?

You can switch between the following programmes:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Structural Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering in Architectural Engineering - no later than the 3rd semester
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering (Herning) and Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Energy Technology - no later than the 2nd semester

Deadlines for application

Apply well ahead of time if you want to change your programme. Below are the deadlines for application if you want to change your programme for the following semester.

  • 1 November (start your new programme on 1 February)
  • 1 April (start your new programme 1 September)

Apply for a change of programme using the application form available at


Please send any questions from your AU-mail to