Trans Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program (TASSEP) 


The Trans Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program (TASSEP) was founded in 1993 by a consortium of American and European universities. The purpose of the programme was and is to increase exchange opportunities for European natural sciences students to several North American universities. The Faculty of Science and Technology at Aarhus University has participated in the programme since its founding. Today, the TASSEP network includes seven Canadian, nine American and nineteen European partner universities. The programme is open to student from Science and Technology.

Canadian partner universities

University of Calgary, Calgary in Alberta

Dalhousie University, Halifax and Truro in Nova Scotia (not available for engineering students)

McMaster University, Hamilton in Ontario

Queen's University, Kingston in Ontario

Universite de Montreal, Montreal in Quebec

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon in Saskatchewan

(Waterloo University is no longer a TASSEP partner)

How to apply

Application deadline for the TASSEP Network is 1 December 2017.

You must select and prioritize at least three Institutions from the TASSEP network that you are interested in attending. An average mark above 9 on the 7-point grading scale is required. 

The application must include

  • Application form (Find form her)
  • Learning Agreement for all 3 priorities (Find form her)
  • Advance approval of your first priority from the Board of Studies (apply via - beware of processing time up to 6 weeks) Read more about advance approval on your study portal
  • Signed addendum stating that your will not refuse the potentially proposed destination (1, 2 or 3 priority)

Send your application and appendices in one complete PDF to

We will call you in for a meeting about your academic prerequisites with Mark Bayley: 

Contact International Coordinator, Fie Bøje Misholt at, for more information about TASSEP and the possibilities for exchange to USA or Canada. 

NB: If you apply for an exchange admission with TASSEP, you cannot apply for admission with AU GO.