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2022 information

It's free to go on Summer School exchange through AU, you will only have to pay for flights and accommodation. 

You can sign up to receive the list of 2022 destinations via e-mail once it's ready. 

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us at Please consult the FAQ below to see if the answer to your question is already there. 

While you wait for the 2022 destination list you can see what we offered in 2021 for inspiration below. We expect more or less the same destinations in 2022 - hopefully with only on-site courses.

2021 destinations

Below you can see the list of universities we offered in 2021. 

In the table you can see, the level, how many ects credits and if the university planned on Online or On-site courses or a combination.  


University of TampereFinlandTampere2-54BA/MAOn-SiteYes*
University of JyväskyläFinlandJyväskylä55BA/MAOn-SiteYes*
Utrecht UniversityHollandUtrecht1-132BA/MAOnline & On-SiteNo
Humboldt Summer UniGermanyBerlin5-83BA/MAOnlineNo

*If you get a space at this university you are also automatically considered for the Nordlys scholarship, which is 70 EUR a week + 330 EUR to cover travel expenses. The scholarship will only be awarded if the courses take place onsite in Finland and not if switched to online. 


Nanyang Technological UniversitySingaporeSingapore53BA/MAOn-SiteNo
SMUSingaporeSingapore6-7.54BAOnline & On-SiteNo
Chinese University of Hong KongChinaHong Kong610BAOnlineNo


How do I apply?

You have to apply online before March 15. Find more information on this page where there is also a link to the application system. 

What happens if I don’t get the preapproval before March 15?

In that case, you can still apply, and you can still get a spot. You will then have to forward us the preapproval when you get it. 

Suppose you are unable to get the preapproval before the application deadline. In that case, you should upload the receipt you got when you applied for the preapproval instead of the preapproval in the application system. A receipt can be a screenshot of the e-mail you received when you applied for preapproval. 

What prerequisites should I fulfil to apply?

You need preapproval for the course and space in your study program. The courses you take at a summer university will replace those you would otherwise take at AU. You will need to make an application to the study board to allow you to have the summer course replace an elective course, an IV elective, or a third type, depending on the academic regulations covering your degree programme.

What are the chances of getting a seat?

2020 and 2021 was the first time we launched a coordinated initiative with the ambition that more AU students would go abroad for summer school through our agreements. Therefore, it is difficult to predict how the interest will be. For that reason, we are unable to say anything specific about the chances of getting a seat.
However, suppose your study board allows some flexibility in selecting the courses. In that case, we estimate that the chances of getting a seat are pretty good, and we have quite a few seats available. We will do what we can to help you secure a spot at a different university if you do not get a seat.

Can I apply together with a friend of mine?

Yes, you can. You and your friend just need to be sure to have the same priorities and you will need to write the name of the person you are applying with in step 6/7 in the “Other information” box. If there are more applicants than spots for the university/universities, you are applying for and we will have to allocate seats according to grade point average, it will be the grade average of the one with the lowest grade average that counts.

This means that by applying together with another student, you agree to the fact that we, on paper, juxtapose your grade average with your co-applicants grade average.

How are the seats allocated?

We will allocate the seats based on GPA and an assessment of the likelihood that you can get credits at the respective university with your study programme. 

So, before March 15th you can upload either one of these three documents

a)       A pre-approval

b)       A receipt that you have applied for a pre-approval

All applicants with either one of these documents in their application will be considered equally and allocated based on GPA and the expected likelihood of you getting a pre-approval (if you don’t have one by March 15th).

When will I hear the outcome of my application?

You will receive an answer to your application before April 8. This way, if you do not get a seat, you will be able to apply for a summer course at AU before April 8 or regular semester courses between May 1-May 5.

What if I do not get a spot?

If you do not get a spot, you will be able to apply for a seat at one of the universities you did not apply for, provided there are seats available. The possible rejection letter will include information on how to do this. 

If I go on summer school exchange, will I then also be able to go on semester exchange?

Yes. But be aware that depending on what you study, there can be a requirement that you have at least 20, 25 er often even 30 ECTS left in your study programme in order to be able to get a semester exchange seat.

So if you are thinking about going abroad for a semester, then carefully consider how many ECTS you should obtain from a summer school abroad. If you for instance get 15 ECTS credits during a summer school exchange, you might not be able to go on semester exchange. So please check the guidelines for semester exchange concerning your specific study programme. 

What if I get a spot, but I subsequently do not get a seat the course I have a preapproval for?

That we “give you a spot” at a university is unfortunately no guarantee that you can get a seat in a specific course at the host university. Some courses can be cancelled or become fully booked. This unfortunately means that you will have to apply for a new preapproval with the study board for the course you are accepted to by host university. Some courses may also be cancelled at the host university, in which case you may have to switch courses. 

Who can I contact for counselling and other questions?

You are always welcome to send us an e-mail at

However, if your questions are of a more academic character, such as “can I get this course pre-approved for my studies at AU?” or “what kind of courses at AU could this course replace..”, we may not be able to answer since we do not have in-depth knowledge of all study programmes. We therefore suggest that you go to your course specific student counsellor with such questions. 

I need a 10 ects credit course in order to replace a course at AU, however, the university i'm interested in only offer courses lower than 10 ECTS?

We know that some universities, e.g Kings College only offers 7,5 ECTS credit courses and if you need a 10 ects credit course in order to have it transferred to AU this can be challenging.

At some universities it may also be necessary to combine more courses in order to get the required amount of ects credits (at Hokkaido for example, where most of the courses are less than 5 ects credits.) in such case the study council may decide that a given combination of courses at said university will be transferred as one block of 5 or 10 ects credits. 

Summerschool on your own

Did you not find any interesting places or courses from our list of free summerschool destinations? Then there’s plenty of options to go to a summer school abroad on your own. Almost any major or medium sized university will have an English taught summer school in one way or another.
The easiest ways to find them is to either just google summer schools in Europe or which part of the world you are interested in, or to go directly to one of the many online portals for summer schools, such as this one:

Going on your own means that you are arraning everything yourself, including paying the tuition fee the summer school might charge for their courses.

If you get a pre-approval for a self-arranged summer school you may be eligible for the Danish state scholarship for study abroad

Usually our semester partner universities also offer a discount for AU students, if we receive information about such discounts for certain destinations, we will post them in the table below. 


CountryCityUniversityECTS availableTuition fee €Discount for AU studentsDeadline
IrelandGalwayNational University of Galway62150No31.04.2021
GermanyFrankfurtFrankfurt School of Finance and Management51.950-3.50025%01.05.2021
GermanyOldenburgUniversity of Oldenburg60100%01.03.2021
SpainMadridUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid61.29912,50%31.05.2021
FranceParis, Marseille, BordeauxKedge Business School5500-1000No first come, first served
SwitzerlandZurichUniversity of Zurich61.390Yes25.04.2021
FranceToulouseToulouse Business School12-241600100 €23.04.2021
MaltaGozoOFF THE BEATEN TRACK93450Nofirst come, first served
GermanyFrankfurtThe European University Viadrina121990400 €15.03.2021
ScotlandGlasglowUniversity of Glasgow7,5980-587510%20.04.2021
ItalyPisaUniversity of Pisa3-10250-1000NoDepends on the course
IndiaNew DehliUniversity of Hyderabad10500No01.04.2021
EnglandLeedsUniversity of Leeds5-102.150-3.80010% if more than 10 students apply01.05.2021
ChinaHong KongHong Kong Polytechnic University61.000-2.000No15.03.2021 
ChinaHong KongUniversity of Hong Kong61-80010%31.05.2021
IsraelJerusalemThe Hebrew University Jerusalem3-101.500-2.250NoDepends on the course
GermanyAachenRWTH Aachen University1.794-2.990No15.04.2021
BelgiumBruxellesSolvay Brussels School of Economics and Management2490No30.06.2021
South KoreaSeoulSogang University61.15010%14.05.2021
GermanyTübingenUniversity of Tübingen4-6100-175NoDepends on the course
NorwayOsloNorwegian Business School6-15950-1.20030%01.05.2021
FinlandTurkuUniversity of Turku3-545-75No12.04.2021
BelgiumAntwerpenUniversity of Antwerp3-6200-1.000No01.05.2021
GermanyJenaUniversity Hospital of Jena0100%15.04.2021
South KoreaSeoulKorea University3750No14.05.2021
Czech RepublicPragueEuropean Summer School650No20.06.2021
The NetherlandsGroningenHanze University of Applied Science5750No01.05.2021
AustriaGrazUniversity of Graz610No30.03.2021
LithuaniaVilniusVytautas Magnus University2-6550-750No11.06.2021
JapanOsakaKansai Gaidai University5115-575No30.04.2021
FranceMetzLorraine University500No30.04.2021
CanadaMontrealHEC Montréal3665No17.06.2021
SloveniaLjubljanaUniversity of Ljubljana6-750-285No