Are you delayed in your programme?

The student counsellors would like to invite you to a guidance session.

Dear Student

We would like to invite you to a guidance session, in case you are delayed 6 month or more according to your prescribed period of study. 

There may be many reasons for a delay. The meeting could focus on matters such as how to structure your studies, how to create a well-functioning learning environment for yourself, important deadlines, etc. Maybe you would also like to talk about other things that affect your course of studies. 

Please note, there are a number of rules, which all students must know and comply with. You can find the rules at your study portal under 'Student counselling'. 

Furthermore, you should be aware of the rules regarding your student grant (SU), as the payment can stop due to delay. Learn more at

If you would like to make use of a guidance session, you are welcome visit the student counselling office or book an appointment by your studies welfare counsellor.

We hope that you will make use of this offer, if you are delayed or in need of guidance about rules and the opportunities at your degree programme.


Best regards 

The student counsellors' office

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