Brightspace - Aarhus University’s Course on data protection (GDPR)

All students at Aarhus University are automatically enrolled in the AU Course on data protection (GDPR), which you will meet at Brightspace.

Welcome to Aarhus University’s Course on data protection (GDPR)

As a university student, you will probably find yourself processing data in a wide range of contexts – in teaching sessions, in collection of survey data, in sound recordings of interviews, or in clinical placements or internships. In all these situations, it is important that you know how to process data, with a particular focus on the protection of personal data.

As a student at Aarhus University, you are therefore automatically enrolled in AU Course on data protection (GDPR) for students, which is placed as a resource at Brightspace. You have free access to the course, just as your teachers can include the course in their teaching.

The course is a module-based online course, that gives you a general introduction to the rules for the protection of personal data and the general guidelines for data protection at Aarhus University (AU).

The course has a final quiz to test your knowledge on the different course themes. If you obtain at least 80% correct answers, you can generate a certificate that shows that you have completed the course satisfactorily.

The course is designed by the Centre for Educational Development at Aarhus University (CED) in collaboration with representatives from AU's faculties, AU Uddannelse and the DPO organisation at AU. Find AU Course on data protection (GDPR) in English here or find it in “Resources” at Brightspace.


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