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2014.02.21 | Aarhus BSS

More research-based teaching at BSS

Henceforth, the students at BSS will be taught primarily by BSS’ researchers. It has long been the objective to increase the research-based teaching at BSS, and following the cutbacks the faculty have decided to limit the employment of part-time external lecturers, the so-called DVIPs.

Due to globalisation and the lucrative possibilities of the field, the importance and popularity of international construction law is continuously increasing. Photo: Colourbox

2014.02.17 | Education

Do you want to work with international projects?

If you are interested in working on large international construction projects, knowledge about the FIDIC Conditions of Contract is an absolute MUST. International construction law is gaining both importance and popularity because of the excellent and highly paid career opportunities and the increasing number of international projects. Within three…