An Entrepreneural Summer

This July, master students from all of Denmark, have the opportunity to participate in a new interdisciplinary entrepreneurial course, which combines the most recent insights from psychology, identity theory, and creativity research with the latest entrepreneurship education research. This summer, the course will take place at Aarhus University, but in the next three years it will take place in Finland, France, and the USA.

With a great focus on the interdisciplinary aspect, master students from all over Denmark are invited to participate in this course. Application deadline i 15 March 2013.

The title of the course is:
Combining academic curiosity with value creation: A process course on entrepreneurship and innovation

ECTS: 5.
Level: Master.
Date: 1-12 July (Summer school).
Exam: Portfolio.
Venue: Aarhus.

Entrepreneurial capabilities are becoming increasingly important in today’s society and at the same time international, national and academic differences seem to influence the perception of the concept. Therefore, this course has three aims.

  1. it will enhance your entrepreneurial potential
  2. it will enable you to reshape your imagination of what you are able to accomplish with your current disciplinary background.
  3. the course fosters the development of unique business models.

Using a revolutionary process oriented approach, you will learn to develop opportunities and unfold your own individual entrepreneurial project. You will also experience how your particular disciplinary background and everyday practice can be employed to facilitate the creation of value (e.g. economic, social, or environmental) through collaboration with others.

N.B Students must apply directly to the course through an application form (see below) and attach relevant material, and not through the regular summer university application standard.

If sufficient qualified applications are received, a maximum of 7 participants will be accepted from each of the main academic areas at Aarhus University: Business and Social Sciences, ARTS, Science and Technology and Health.

This course is offered as part of the PACE research project.

More information:

?   Course Description

?   Course  Application form

?   PACE home page

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