Follow the current COVID-19 infection rate at Aarhus BSS

Dear students,

You can now follow the current COVID-19 infection rate at Aarhus BSS, as we have chosen to publish the status of COVID-19 cases among students that are reported via the online form at Aarhus University.


Why we publish the figures

We publish the figures for COVID-19 infection among students to give you a better overview, and because we know that lack of transparency in relation to the figures can contribute to insecurity. At the same time, we would like to draw your attention to the online form, as it is crucial in our efforts to quickly and safely deal with cases of COVID-19, thus minimising the possible consequences for the teaching on campus. The ongoing detection and handling are naturally carried out in close collaboration with the Danish Patient Safety Authority.


What do we inform you about

Naturally, we do not disclose sensitive personal data, but on weekdays we communicate the current number of people infected shown by study programmes, as well as the total number of people infected during the week in question. This takes place retrospectively, which means that in the morning you can read about yesterday's figures, and whether, for example, any students have been sent home.


What you can do to help

Continue to follow the advice on social distancing and hygiene, install the Danish "smitte I stop” app on your phone and report to us if you have tested positive with COVID-19. Even though the health authorities have been informed, we still need to get the information to assess whether we need to convert the teaching to an online format for a period of time in order to limit the spread of infection. This is absolutely crucial in order for us to continue to ensure teaching on campus for our students.


Kind regards,

Per Andersen, Vice-dean and
Jacob Kjær Eskildsen, head of department and chair of the COVID-19 response team at Aarhus BSS

Read the current infection numbers here

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