More research-based teaching at BSS

Henceforth, the students at BSS will be taught primarily by BSS’ researchers. It has long been the objective to increase the research-based teaching at BSS, and following the cutbacks the faculty have decided to limit the employment of part-time external lecturers, the so-called DVIPs.

2014.02.21 | Andreas G. Jensby

As previously announced by Rector Brian Bech Nielsen, at both BSS and Arts there will be a reduction in the employment of part-time lecturers. At BSS, the reduction is in fact part of a long-term objective to increase the proportion of teaching by researchers, and in practice it means that BSS’ researchers will take on more teaching hours than previously.

“Both the national and international accreditation institutions require us to increase the amount of research-based teaching at BSS. So we have long been planning to scale down the employment of part-time lecturers in favour of the permanently employed researchers, and this is the first step in the cost reduction process,” explains dean Svend Hylleberg.

Academic quality remains the top priority
When asked the question of whether the loss of the part-time external lecturers will eventually weaken the quality of the degree programmes, given that the students lose contact with the outside world, Svend Hylleberg answers:

“There are certain courses and programmes that still require us to have part-time lecturers, simply because they possess specialised knowledge that we cannot find within our own walls. But otherwise I see this as a great advantage for the students, given that they will be faced with the most current research results, delivered by the researchers themselves. And as mentioned, we are also experiencing pressure from the outside world to establish a closer link between research and teaching,” he says and proceeds:

“There are many ways to get the students to interact with skilled professionals from outside the university and to bring in people with hands-on experience who can provide inspiration and new knowledge. We all have to think creatively to solve this challenge,” concludes Svend Hylleberg.

Facts about the cost reduction process at BSS

  • BSS limits the employment of part-time academic staff (DVIP) amounting to DKK 13.6 million in 2014.
  • Other resignations and dismissals at BSS are distributed as follows:

    • 5 employees have made use of the senior staff scheme
    • 2 employees are retiring voluntarily
    • 7 employees are under consideration for dismissal
    • In total, 14 full-time employees will leave BSS as a result of the cost reduction process.

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