Participate in survey about students with disabilities

Are you a student at Aarhus University facing special needs because of a physical, psychological or neurological disability or dyslexia?

If you are a student at Aarhus University facing special needs because of a physical, psychological or neurological disability or dyslexia, you are hereby invited to participate in our survey.

Aarhus University is part of a project funded by the European Union which focuses on the inclusion of students with special needs in higher education. As part of the project, the partners from Aarhus University, Willy Aastrup and Mette Lind Kusk, encourage you to participate in the survey and share your experiences. Which challenges have you faced during your studies at Aarhus University? What kind of support improved your situation as a student and made it possible for you to continue studying?

The aim of the project is to understand how access to and conditions within higher education can be improved and made more equal for students with disabilities. Our experiences at Aarhus University will be shared with five other European universities.

Your participation in the survey is completely anonymous.

If you have any questions regarding the survey or the project in general, feel free to contact Mette Lind Kusk, research assistant from Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media at Aarhus University, via email

Access the survey here

About the project
The project European Action on Disability within Higher Education (EADHE - like us on Facebook) has been made possible thanks to economic support from the European Union.

The survey is currently being carried out at six European universities (Bologna, Coimbra, Göteborg, Gent, Leipzig and Aarhus) and the results will be made available on the project website:



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