The ministry of foreign affairs of denmark - prize paper competition 2013

Have you produced an academic paper that could provide some food for thought for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? The Prize Paper competition for 2013 does not have a specific topic, allowing you to write about exactly the issues you find the most interesting. The only requirement is that the subject dealt with must be within the Foreign Ministry’s field of work.

The submitted contributions can take different forms and may for example consist of a dissertation, a thesis or similar types of papers. The papers can be new or previously reviewed at an educational institution for up to a year before the first of April 2013. The number of pages of the papers submitted should not exceed 100. Each paper should include a short (2-3 pages) summary - possibly in the form of an original synopsis or similar - where the main issues are presented, discussed and placed into a theoretical perspective that serves to highlight the papers policy relevance to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The papers can have one or two authors, be in Danish or English and may be submitted by individuals enrolled at a Danish university (or similar higher education institution).

The Prize:
The winner is awarded 30,000 Kroner. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may decide to divide the prize between several contributions. The authors of this year’s three best papers will also be invited to a dialogue event, possibly with participation of the relevant minister.

Submission deadline:
Paper and summary should be submitted electronically (e-mail) to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of Public Diplomacy and Communication ( by 1 October 2013

The papers will be assessed by the Danish Institute for International Studies, DIIS, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The name(s) of the winner(s) will be announced at the end of the year.

For further information about the Prize Paper competition, please contact: Hans Christian Aaskov, phone: 33 920422 /e-mail:

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