Important information regarding winter exams 2021/2022

Here you can read more information about the winter exam period 2021-2022.

Dear students at Aarhus BSS

Last Friday, you received a news email from the senior management team at the university regarding the new guidelines for conducting exams at winter exams 2021/2022. In this email, we will outline how we expect the conversion of exams to take place at Aarhus BSS.

Expectations for exams in January 2022

A large part of the exams at Aarhus BSS will be converted into online exams in January 2022. Selected exams will still be held on campus with in-person attendance to the extent that the authorities’ guidelines for responsible management of COVID-19 permit such activities. As a general rule, practical exams as well as exams with no aids permitted will be given priority in this case.

Updated exam schedules stating time and place have been made available, and you can now find out which of your exams are affected by these changes. You will find the exam schedules at your study portal – – under the menu item “Exam”.

During the exam period, we will carefully follow the health authorities ' recommendations and guidelines for conducting exams. Therefore, please note, that the exam schedules may be subject to changes. We encourage you to keep up-to-date with your exam schedule and WISEflow.

We also encourage you to keep up-to-date on Brightspace and our COVID-19 FAQ for Aarhus BSS students, which we will update with information about your exams on a regular basis. 

If – after checking the exam schedules – you are still in doubt about how the COVID-19 situation affects your exams, or if you have questions regarding how to take exams under the changed circumstances, please contact the Student Counsellors' Office at Aarhus BSS. You will find contact information on under your degree programme and under the menu item “Counselling”.


Best regards

Aarhus BSS