We are all responsible for maintaining on-site teaching at Aarhus BSS

Overall, students are behaving responsibly on campus, but their behaviour outside campus may threaten the on-site teaching, says vice-dean at Aarhus BSS.

The past week has seen approximately 30 cases of COVID-19 among students at Aarhus BSS - primarily among law students and students on the BSc in Economics and Business Administration. The cases have been handled in accordance with the school’s guidelines, and those affected have been contacted in order to identify close contacts.

“Many of the infected students have participated in parties outside campus, and we cannot rule out that there is a correlation between participating in these parties and the subsequent COVID-19 infection. For that reason, I wish to encourage everyone to take extra good care and to act just as responsibly in their spare time as they do on campus. It is a shared responsibility between the university and the students to act in a way that contributes to ensuring that we can maintain as much on-site teaching as possible,” says Vice-dean for Education Per Andersen.

Comply with the guidelines and let AU know if you are infected

Prior to the start of the semester, Aarhus BSS in line with the other faculties at Aarhus University, established a COVID-19 response team for students as well as employees. Here, students who have tested positive for COVID-19 are encouraged to report this via a COVID-19 form. Once the student has submitted the form, building services, the studies administration and the departments collaborate on handling and organising additional cleaning, communicating with students and, if necessary, sending home core groups of students.

“Students who test positive for COVID-19 should report this via the university’s COVID-19 form. In this way, you will help us minimise the spread of infection of campus as quickly as possible. Many students have already done so and this is much appreciated. It shows responsibility towards your fellow students,” says Per Andersen.

Per Andersen also stresses how important it is that everyone adheres to the current guidelines for teaching and campus behaviour and remembers to maintain social distancing and good hand hygiene.

“Overall, the students are behaving responsibly and are demonstrating great community spirit on campus. Despite the obvious challenges, it is positive that we are able to conduct quite a lot of our teaching on campus. We would very much like to keep it that way,” Per Andersen concludes.

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