Your lecturer follows your activities on Blackboard

Blackboard gives the lecturer the opportunity to follow the students’ activities on Blackboard. Here is an overview of which of your specific activities is visible to your lecturers.

2013.09.25 | Mette Gebauer Johannsen

The possibility to follow the students' whereabouts on Blackboard has an educational purpose. It helps to strengthen the teaching, the structure of the learning environment and the course content. This also gives the lecturers the opportunity to spot and address academic problems over the course of the semester.

The lecturers are able to seek information about the students’ activities in Blackboard, such as information about how often a student logs in, his/her activity on individual elements in the learning space, the number of attempts when taking a test, etc. The lecturers can also follow the students' activities in discussion forums, on blogs, Wikis, etc.

Private rooms for students
It should be noted that students can create "their own space" to which lecturers do not have access. This can be done by either requesting the creation of a "learning environment" (see more under "Get your own course" on the Blackboard page) or by creating a "My Space" (See "Global navigation level”).

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