You’re now a student at Aarhus BSS

Aarhus BSS is the new short name for School of Business and Social Sciences. It’s easier to say, write and adopt – and we encourage you to start using it.

2015.04.17 | Mette Gebauer Johannsen

Before Easter, the senior management team approved the profiling strategy for Aarhus BSS, thereby allowing the school to build its brand and business profile and promote Aarhus BSS to the outside world. The strategy is also meant to consolidate Aarhus BSS as a solid sub-brand.

As part of the new profiling strategy, Aarhus BSS is also implementing a new logo, which signals the strength of the school’s connection with Aarhus University as a whole. The new logo incorporates elements of Aarhus University’s original seal and is available in different versions representing the names of the various departments and centres.

A lot of students have long since adopted the acronym BSS and are using it on social media, and it has been adopted by student associations, the revue, book stores and so on. The faculty management team now encourage all of you to start using the new name Aarhus BSS in a similar way and help us spread and promote the name as widely as possible.

We apologise for the clutter
In the next couple of months, we will be working to change the names on the websites and other platforms and making Aarhus BSS’ new logo visible on all the school’s platforms. The same will be done for all the departments that have been given new names.

“A name change is an extremely comprehensive process, especially since Aarhus BSS’ website alone has about 50,000 external pages and 250,000 internal pages that will have to be reviewed. And there are also lots of AU pages that refer to the old names. We’ll do our best to get the new names of the faculty and departments as well as the logo implemented as fast as possible. And we want to apologise in advance for any inconveniences caused by this ‘moving mess’ that you’ll likely encounter on our websites in the near future,” says Head of Communications Aase Bak. 

Departments subject to name changes

Former Danish and English name

Current Danish and English name

Institut for Statskundskab /
Department of Political Science and Government

Institut for Statskundskab /
Department of Political Science

AU Herning
AU Herning

Institut for Forretningsudvikling og Teknologi /
Department of Business Development and Technology

Institut for Økonomi /
Department of Economics and Business

New name and acronym to be determined on 23 April.

Institut for Marketing og Organisation /
Department of Business Administration

New name and acronym to be determined on 23 April.

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