Exam schedules - Bachelor

Upcoming exam schedules

The re-examination schedule for winter 2022-23 will be published 23 January 2023.

The exam schedules will regularly be updated

Only dates published in the exam schedules on the Study Portals are valid.

Changes may still occur in the exam schedules after publishing. Therefore, it is important to check the schedules regularly during the exam period.

Regarding written on-site exams:

Remember to bring your student identification card and be on campus in proper time before your exam starts - at least 15 minutes before.

If there are multiple rooms listed next to your exam, you can find an overview of the rooms (PDF) for the relevant course in WISEflow approx. 2-4 days before your exam date. 

Oral exam for bachelor courses

Shortly after the deadline to deregister, the specific time for your oral exam will be e-mailed to you through WISEflow (the e-mail is sent to your university e-mail). The deadline to deregister is 14 days before the first day of examination on that specific course.

Concerning online oral exams

Relevant for summer 2021 exams: Please notice, that the specific time of your oral exam may change right up to the day of the examination do to deregistrations.

Therefore, it is important to check your examination time regularly. You will allways receive a notification in Wiseflow, if the time changes.