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Mooting competitions

Mooting competition

A mooting competition is a competition in legal procedure. The participants are given a fictitious case and must then prepare pleadings and subsequently participate in oral proceedings.

The scope varies depending on the competition, but everyone agrees that it is a good and different way to familiarise yourself with the law. It is also a good way to get to know students from other countries.

You will receive competent supervision and will be not left to your own devices, you will learn to argue before a competent panel of judges, and you will not least be part of a team and have a great time with your fellow students and supervisors.

The mooting participants can also use the courtroom at the Department of Law to practice and simulate court cases.

The Vis Moot

  • The Vis Moot is an international mooting competition with participants from more than 280 universities worldwide.
  • The moot deals with international commercial law and also always includes arbitration issues.
  • The entire course spans two semesters and includes the preparation of an assignment, a pre-moot in New York and Germany and, lastly, the oral proceedings during the Easter week in Vienna.

The Vis Moot participants can take the exam, which equals 20 ECTS credits    

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The Hugo Sinzheimer Moot

  • The Hugo Sinzheimer Moot is a mooting competition in EU law with participants from 13 universities across Europe.
  • The moot deals with issues relating to EU labour law, e.g. barriers to the freedom of movement, discrimination and equal treatment, governing law rules and fundamental rights. The language of instruction is English.
  • The course is taught in the spring semester each year, and the course participants are selected in November. The participants must prepare pleadings and participate in oral proceedings at the moot finals. The participants will be supervised by coaches from the department and from the Legal Advisor to the Danish Government, who is a partner at the Moot.
  • The participants can take the exam, which equals 20 ECTS credits.

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The Mini-Moot in Tax Law

  • Each year, the National Tax Tribunal and Aarhus University organise a mooting competition in collaboration with the Karnov Group and Danmarks Skatteadvokater for AU students who are signed up for or have passed the course Skatteret 1.
  • The competition aims to lead a fictitious case before the Danish National Tax Tribunal, organised with a written and an oral round.

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The Nordic Mooting Competition

  • The Nordic Mooting Competition is based on a case concerning a violation of one or more rights established by the European Human Rights Convention.
  • As a participant, you will gain experience in writings pleadings and preparing an oral argument, which will be conducted before Nordic Supreme Court judges as well as judges from the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Participants come from all over the Nordic region, and the competition takes place in one of the Nordic capitals.
  • Participating in the Nordic Mooting Competition equals 10 ECTS credits on the Master’s degree programme and thus carries the same weight as a standard course.

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Practical information

  • Participants in the mooting competition are offered an office space at the department.
  • The department has its own court room, which the participants can use to practice and simulate real court cases.
  • Participants are can use the department’s library facilities on the same terms as the department staff.
  • The Department of Law has video recording equipment at its disposal, which the teams can borrow by contacting Lisbeth Vasegaard Hansen at the board of studies.
  • The university also has video conference equipment, which participants are also welcome to borrow.  Please contact the ICT Workshop about this on 8942 6274 (13.00 - 17.00) or Please make your inquiry well in advance.
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