Would you like to have influence at AU?

The Department of Engineering, who offers the Masters of Science in Engineering, has five available seats for students in the committee "Department Forum".

2016.04.19 | Mette Stig Hansen

The committee discusses the academic and social identity at the department and at AU, and it is charged with ensuring the development of ideas, quality, transparency and legitimacy of all decisions on academic issues. This means that the committee is heard when AU makes proposals for changes in relating to the academic area.

If you are interested in participating in this committee, send an email to the committee secretary Mette Stig Hansen at msha@eng.au.dk

The committee is made up of:

  • Five permanent researchers/teachers
  • Three postdocs/PhD students
  • Two representatives from the technical/administrative area
  • Five Masters of Science degree students in Engineering
  • Three observers

Click here to see the current members of the committee

Civil engineer
367488 / i40