Temporary admission to the Master's degree programme


Please note that you must also apply for admission to a Master's degree programme within the regular deadlines if your degree programme is dimensioned (Biology, Geology, Molecular Biology, Molecular Medicine, and Biomedical Engineering/Technology). It is not enough to apply for temporary enrolment on these programmes.

You can find links to application deadlines and the application system at kandidat.au.dk.

When can temporary enrolment be granted?

You can apply for temporary enrolment on a Master’s degree programme in order to take courses that will be included in your future Master’s degree programme while you are still finishing one or more courses on your Bachelor’s degree programme. There are two requirements to apply for temporary enrolment:

  • You must have fewer than 30 ECTS credits left on your Bachelor's degree programme.
  • You may only be registered for a maximum of 30 ECTS credits on your Master's programme. It is not possible to take more ECTS credits on the Master's programme.

Due to workload and thus your ability to complete your Bachelor’s degree programme, we recommend that you aim for a semester workload that does not exceed 30 ECTS credits in total.

When processing your application, an overall assessment of your course of study will be conducted. If you have made several attempts to pass one or more courses on your Bachelor's programme and have not yet passed them, you cannot expect to be granted temporary enrolment unless there are other exceptional circumstances in your case that can be included in the overall assessment.

Note that if you are granted temporary enrolment, you should still prioritise completing your Bachelor’s degree programme prior to the start of your Master's degree programme, and that you cannot expect any extension to the temporary enrolment.

If you are unsure about your situation, please contact your student counsellor.

When and how to apply


The deadlines for applying for temporary enrolment are:

  • 1 June (for the autumn semester)
  • 1 December (for the spring semester)

It is possible to apply after the deadline if your application is based on matters that were unknown prior to the application deadline.

Note that there is a processing time of 6-8 weeks.

To apply, you must fill in the form 'Application for temporary enrolment'. 

Once the form has been completed, upload it to My studies (mitstudie.au.dk) and send it as an application under "Applications to the board of studies" - "Temporary enrolment on Master’s degree programme".

How is your application processed?

Once you have submitted your application for temporary enrolment, the following will take place:

  • We register your application and check ECTS credits, programmes, course of study, etc.
  • If you are granted temporary enrolment, we will inform Admissions, who will then enrol you. You will be notified of the temporary enrolment via e-Boks or your AU email.
  • If you are not granted temporary enrolment, you will receive a letter of rejection in your e-Boks.

If we need any additional information, we will contact you by phone or AU email.

What happens when the enrolment expires?


If you complete your Bachelor’s degree programme before your temporary enrolment expires, send an email to indskriv@au.dk to be admitted to your Master's degree programme.

If your temporary enrolment expires before you have completed your Bachelor’s degree programme, make sure to apply for admission to the Master's degree programme once you have completed your Bachelor's degree.

You can apply via the application system DANS, which you will find by clicking here.

Please note that once your temporary enrolment expires, you will no longer be able to take the exam in courses under your Master’s degree programme, and any exam registrations for courses in your Master’s degree programme will be cancelled.