Use of masks on the hospitals and Smitte|Stop app in the clinic

Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) and the region have the following guidelines regarding visitors and employees at the hospitals:

  • When you walk in the hall ways to and from theoretical teaching you must wear a mask - in the auditoriums/class rooms you don't have to. In the teaching situation you are considered a visitor and not an employee. When your in your clinical stay you are considered an employee and then you don't have to wear a mask. As an employee you need to follow the guidelines from the region (only in Danish). The change continuously so please check this page regularly. Masks to wear using public transportation to and from the hospitals are not being refunded.
  • At the entrance to the auditoriums (both on AUH and on campus) you will find a poster showing you how to be seated in order to respect the distance regulations. In addition hand disinfectant and the keep-to-the-right-in-hall-ways-and-staircases-rule are also in effect.
  • The region encourages all to download the Smitte|Stop app to prevent infection.